Lindsey Graham, Muslim Brotherhood Community Organizer?

During an appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business, a primary challenger to Senator Lindsey Graham hit a home run by quite aptly describing Graham. South Carolina state senator Lee Bright said that instead of returning to his district during the August recess, Graham went to Egypt and behaved like a “Community Organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood”. While he was at it, Bright referred to John McCain as a “tool”.

Truer words have never been spoken:

A day later, on the far left-wing Bill Press show, Bright was mocked and Graham was defended by aspiring Marxists who also work for Current TV, which is an arm of Al-Jazeera, which is an arm of… wait for it… the Muslim Brotherhood. So, if aspiring Marxists / Communists, whose checks ultimately come from the Muslim Brotherhood, mock someone who accuses someone else of being an apparatchik of the Muslim Brotherhood, what does that say about the mockers?

Wouldn’t they only defend Graham if the charge were true? That’s what they did.

The left always mocks those who strike a nerve. In this case, Bright nailed Graham for what he did and the aspiring Marxists / Communists who essentially work for the Muslim Brotherhood, painted Bright as an extremist and defended the guy who actually went to Egypt to help the Muslim Brotherhood.

Earlier this month, another conservative challenger to Graham – Nancy Mace – retweeted a tweet that included “Nancy Mace vs Nancy boy graham.” Great line but Mace deleted the tweet, which was unfortunate. She blinked and we don’t need blinkers in D.C. As Al Pacino once said in a movie…

“You did it; live with it.”

Mace shouldn’t have retracted that. Hopefully, Bright will do the opposite and double down on his comments.

Lee Bright: Graham a 'Community Organizer for Muslim Brotherhood' and McCain a 'tool'

Lee Bright: Graham a Community Organizer for Brotherhood and McCain a tool


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