Jihad Marriages in Egypt (War on Women)

As western media Muslim Brotherhood sycophants propagandize the plight of their masters in Egypt and then wonder why security forces have a problem with it, there’s another story that doesn’t get told. It’s the story of Jihad marriages, a real war on women that leftists like to project onto conservatives in America.

Jihad Marriages: The real war on women

Jihad Marriages: The real war on women

That war is being waged by the same Muslim Brotherhood western mainstream media is running interference for in Egypt.

Via Ahram-Canada (translated):

“An Egyptian program with the Mahmoud Aloruari broadcast on the Arab screen discussed 76 cases which were being monitored for Jihad marriage (temporary pleasure marriage). Hanaa Mohamed filed a complaint with the Attorney General. Jihad marriage was a fatwa given by Sheikh Arifi and is now being exercised in Syria. The new fatwa permits incest, bringing the right of a “Mujahid” in Syria to marry his sister, his mother, his aunt and other relatives due to the small number of women and the need for the Mujahideen fighters to have sex.”

Here is the account of one such victim in Egypt. It is Brotherhood supporters who endorse this behavior:

Western media runs interference for the Brotherhood in Egypt while portraying security forces as the oppressors. Perhaps Egypt’s security forces have just cause to find western media problematic.