Egypt: The Mass Rape Epidemic

By Walid Shoebat

We hear of rape, then we hear of gang rape, but in Egypt it’s mass rape.

How can the human mind comprehend this? How can any sane person do this? Can the social experts explain it? No.

Lara Logan: Mass Rape victim in Egypt

Lara Logan: Mass Rape victim in Egypt

There is only one way to explain it. Egypt is given to a perverse demonic spirit, which controls it and men under its spell act not like men, but like demons. Here, see for yourself how Egyptian men behave:

“The LORD has mingled a perverse spirit in her midst; And they have caused Egypt to err in all her work, As a drunken man staggers in his vomit.” (Isaiah 19:14)

The enmity between the devil and the woman…

“And I will put enmity between thee [the devil] and the woman” (Genesis 3:15)

…can be seen on the streets of Egypt and most disgustingly out in the open. Around 100 mass rapes in Egypt just in one week are reported, even some captured by onlookers with cell-phones:

This victim bears somewhat of a resemblance to Lara Logan:

Wolves who appear to protect the victim are really part of the deception. They tell her that they are protecting her when in reality, they are leading her into a trap.

Dutch Reporter June 28, 2013:

Here, the onlooker with the cell phone says, “They just stripped her!”

Listen as the barbarians cry out “Silmiyah” which means “Peaceful”. As demonstrators cry out that there demonstration is “peaceful”, does this mean that the mass rape is “peaceful”? The reversalist mentality and the sick evil behavior of Egyptian men are nothing more than the sound of wolves on the hunt for the poor woman.

Here is a France 24 reporter:

Sexual harassment even under the supervision of an Al-Azhar Imam:

Coptic girls are raped with cries of “Allah Akbar” and “There is no God but Allah”: