Obamacare and the Merchant of Venice

By Keith Davies

I was never a great lover of Shakespeare but in my early days of secondary school I was forced to study the famous play ‘the Merchant of Venice.’ I believe the moral of the story and the brilliant defense put on by Portia can teach us how to destroy President Obama and may force his removal from office or at least the blunting of his political power.

While the Middle East burns not only in Egypt, but in Syria, Iraq and Libya, the policies of the administration have been a major catalyst to the instability both in the Middle East and the whole world. The Benghazi attack is being covered up and will take significant time to unravel along with much time for the public to accept and understand the gravity of it. At best, the Benghazi scandal was woeful incompetence and criminal negligence that endangered the security of the United States and at worst maybe an act of treason and murder by a US president and several others in his administration. The truth is still in question and events should play out over the next twelve to eighteen months, which is an eternity to have to suffer the policies and arrogance of President Obama.

The immediate and pressing Achilles heel for Obama is the key piece of legislation of his first term – The Affordable Care Act, and now can be used to destroy him. Obama must defend the Affordable Care Act at all costs even against many in the Democrat party who now see what a disaster it is both politically and practically. The Republicans – both on the right of the party and in the establishment – have got it wrong when it comes to sinking Obama and the legislation.

The lessons of the Merchant of Venice are now the perfect time to play. We need to go back to the Federal courts and ultimately the Supreme Court or possibly impeach the president for his unconstitutional acts in undermining Congress. When Obama bypassed Congress by non-implementation and delaying certain provisions of the Obama-care law he made the law null in void or he acted in a way that is outside the bounds of the Constitution. The president has no right to offer waivers, delay provisions or provide exclusions to members of congress and their staffers on any law passed by Congress that has been signed into law by any sitting or non sitting president. These acts are not in the hands of the executive branch and Obama by doing so has taken on dictatorial powers. The Congress must either draw up articles of impeachment or pass a resolution to state that the Affordable Care Act as passed by Congress must be enacted to the letter of the law or voided. If the Senate shelves this resolution it can be used as a campaign tool in 2014 and 2016. Ironically, the timing of the law and its implementation was designed to help the electoral fortunes of Democrats but this seems to have backfired. The President’s illegal manoeuvrings to rearrange the law is done for the same reason, so now is the time to use the President’s manoeuvrings and turn them against him.

The administration knows that it cannot enact the law as is and would be a disaster both on the bureaucratic ineptitude as well as destroying millions of jobs, never mind what it will do to the healthcare system for the middle class. This then would either force the law to be repealed as it was enacted which would allow the Republicans to sweep the mid-terms. The conservative and libertarian patriots could also drive home the message with massive peaceful protests. The key to winning in politics is to win public opinion. The media would have a tough time condemning the GOP and retaining credibility (based on their standards of credibility not ours) for asking for the law to be enacted as most support the law. Despite 60% of the public being against the law, the strategy of Portia from the Merchant of Venice can be relayed through the Conservative media. The pound of flesh needs to be the exact pound of flesh the Congress passed.

Shylock or the Democrats want their pound of flesh now they must only get that pound not one morsel more and not one morsel less.

The Republicans must use the above strategy to win the hearts and minds of the voters. They can win without risking a government shut down and expose the sheer stupidity both of the Obama-care bill and the far left hacks who obviously either wanted to try and destroy America as founded or have no idea how to govern this great country.

Keith Davies

Keith Davies