CNN Arabic Corroborates our Report on Obama’s Brother

CNN, the network that accused Walid of being a fraud who never was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is now reporting that Barack Obama’s brother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Who should we believe?

CNN Arabic: Reports on Obama's Brother

CNN Arabic: Reports on Obama’s Brother

Earlier this week, we wrote about the claims of the former Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt and current adviser, Tahani Al-Jebali. She alleged that the reason Barack Obama is not playing hardball with the Muslim Brotherhood is because his brother is a major player within the Brotherhood.

We fully expect the Obama apparatchiks to attempt to debunk our claims. However, if they do, they will also have to debunk a network they tell us is credible. In fact, it’s a network that has asserted that Walid is a fraud.

Here is a portion of the English “google” translation (in case anyone questions ours) from a report from CNN Arabic:

*Note: This is an exact translation via google. As such, it’s somewhat difficult to read and does not include our typical touching-up.

Obama’s brother manages funds Brotherhood

Cairo, Egypt (AP) – Chancellor accused Congratulations Jabali, which is the first Egyptian ascend the bench, in a television interview, U.S. President Barack Obama, Ptamrh with his half-brother, in the organization of Muslim Brotherhood investments. She Jabali she Permanent to the American people information that the half-brother of Obama in Africa, which is “one of the architects major investments for the organization of the International Brotherhood”, she said, is the reason behind the lack of prosecution America’s leadership Brotherhood to now.

She added: “These countries that move the international community against Egypt, accusing the documents and evidence the devices Egyptian national security,” and that the only reason behind the survival of things are what they are, according to her opinion, lies in the unwillingness of America “to expose these securities to the public.”

Will CNN’s western bureaus report what its Arabic bureau is reporting?

We kinda doubt it.


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