Hillary and McCain boost Al-Jazeera’s bonafides

As if they needed to do anymore, both former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) have boosted their pro-Muslim Brotherhood bona-fides by supporting stealth jihad. In an Al-Jazeera America promo used to help launch the stealth Muslim Brotherhood network on August 20th, comments by Clinton and McCain were featured.

Hillary and McCain: Give Greenlight to Stealth Jihad in USA

Hillary and McCain: Give Greenlight to Stealth Jihad in USA

When it comes to McCain and Hillary, consider Huma Abedin, an extremely close aid to Clinton for many years. Abedin’s family is up to its eyeballs in Muslim Brotherhood affiliations. When Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) expressed a desire to look into this last year, one of the loudest voices against her was ‘friendly’ fire from McCain, who chastised Bachmann and defended Abedin with lies. Hillary lauded McCain for doing so.

Meanwhile, as Al-Jazeera America gets a boost from McCain and Clinton, Egypt’s new government – which McCain and Hillary obviously don’t like – is giving serious consideration to banning Al-Jazeera from Egypt.

Beginning at the 2:04 mark, Hillary gushes over Al-Jazeera before calling it “real news”. Shortly thereafter, McCain touts Al-Jazeera for making “a contribution”. The rest of the video is worth watching – if you can stomach it – to see the wide swath of dhimmis that exist in America. There are plenty of people out there who are literally clueless when it comes to the stealth Jihad that is being waged against them by the Muslim Brotherhood television network:

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