Hillary’s Infamous Benghazi Outburst given new meaning

It appears some Special Ops personnel have indicated that intelligence about the Benghazi attacks given to Hillary last November wasn’t acted on. Before the attacks, pleas for increased security weren’t acted on either. Hillary’s January outburst may shed some light on all of this because the “what difference… does it make?” moment occurred two months after being given that intelligence.

Even Hillary Clinton’s Accountability Review Board (ARB), headed by Thomas “I schmoozed with the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar this past June” Pickering, acknowledged lapses. The problem was that the dead Ambassador bore the brunt of the responsibility for his own death and not one State Department employee faced consequences.

Hillary: Did Special Ops personnel giver her infamous outburst additional meaning?

Hillary: Did Special Ops personnel giver her infamous outburst additional meaning?

Now, with no suspects in custody, it appears that Special ops personnel, whose job is to provide intelligence on the ground in Benghazi right now, are being pulled out of the region… for good.

Via Fox News:

Special operators in the region tell Fox News that while Benghazi targets have been identified for months, officials in Washington could “never pull the trigger.” In fact, one source insists that much of the information on Benghazi suspects had been passed along to the White House after being vetted by the Department of Defense and the State Department — and at least one recommendation for direct action on a Benghazi suspect was given to President Obama as recently as Aug. 7.

Meanwhile, months after video, photo and voice documentation on the Benghazi suspects was first presented to high-level military leaders, the State Department and ultimately the White House, prison breaks in the country have eroded security. U.S. special forces have now been relegated to a “villa,” a stopover for the operators before they’re shipped out of the country entirely.

“We put American special operations in harm’s way to develop a picture of these suspects and to seek justice and instead of acting, we stalled. We just let it slip and pass us by and now it’s going to be much more difficult,” one source said, citing 1,200 prisoners escaping two weeks ago. “It’s already blowing up. Daily assassinations, bi-weekly prison escapes, we waited way too long.”

A common refrain from investigators and echoed by State Department leadership since 9/11/12 has been that attacks like the one in Benghazi never happen again. Yet, it appears that State is handling the investigation in a way quite similar to how it handled requests for security beforehand:

The special operators are starting to get frustrated at the lack of action, and Fox News has been told by multiple sources that one special forces leader “literally yelled” at former Libyan Chief of Mission William Roebuck “and told him, ‘so you’re willing to let these guys get away with murder?'”

The outburst was “met with crickets,” the sources said.

This inaction appears to have been taking place for several months, dating back to when Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State:

Fox News reported earlier this year that American forces had identified suspects by the end of November 2012, and reported on their whereabouts to Roebuck last January, yet no action was taken. They returned again in January to identify and locate these same suspects after being requested to do so by military leaders. In the months since, the operators in the region have been sitting in de facto standby, despite the Justice Department charges being filed. {emphasis ours}

January, huh? Isn’t that when Hillary testified in front of two congressional committees? In fact, the aforementioned claims seem to directly coincide with the now infamous, convoluted, and telling exchange during Clinton’s testimony. When talking about what motivated the attacks, Hillary suggested it didn’t matter and then proceeded to declare that it was her job to find out. Pay attention to what she says right after, “What difference, at this point, does it make” and also keep in mind why this is the most memorable exchange of those hearings; Hillary lost her cool and inadvertently spoke the convoluted truth:

Did she admit in this exchange that while figuring out what happened was her job, she had no interest in doing that job because it didn’t make any difference? When someone tasked with investigating murders thinks the motives for those murders makes no difference, that doesn’t just point to coverup but also to culpability:

“What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.”

Based on the reports from these Special ops guys, the behavior of the Obama administration seems to mirror Clinton’s inherently paradoxical statement. It’s the administration’s “job” to figure out what happened but they demonstrate no willingness to do that job.


Because, well, what difference does it make?

Back to the Fox News report:

The men tell Fox News their mission was to capture or kill the suspects in question, and they briefed the acting U.S. ambassador in Libya and the senior CIA representative in the country. The men were told both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and an under secretary were briefed about their information and their ability to capture or kill those responsible. Still, they did not get approval from the Department of Defense or the White House. {emphasis ours}

Again, if these claims are correct, Clinton was informed about the whereabouts of the suspects in the Benghazi attacks but responded in a way similar to how her underlings responded to requests for security before the attacks – with silence. To put it more bluntly, it would appear that she responded by refusing to do her job to “figure out what happened” after the attacks.

A few weeks ago, on August 7th, it was reported that a ‘lead’ suspect named Ahmed Abu Khattala had been charged, along with other unnamed co-conspirators. The timing of these indictments, when coupled with CNN’s expose on Khattala, smelled a bit suspicious as well.

Ain’t it also a bit strange that before we have these suspects in custody, those tasked with helping to apprehend them are being pulled out of the region?