Trial of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders delayed

Three primary Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders – Mohamed Badie, Khairat Al-Shater, and Rashad Bayoumi – were set to be put on trial today but after they didn’t show up, the judge adjourned the trial for two months.

Via Egypt Independent:

South Cairo Criminal Court has requested Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and his two deputies to attend trial over violence following June 30 protests outside the Islamist organization’s headquarters in Moqattam.

The trial has been adjounred until 29 October.

Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, and his deputies Khairat al-Shater and Rashad Bayoumi, face charges of inciting murder, murder and attempts to kill anti-Brotherhood protesters.

Trial Delayed: Egypt's Brotherhood leaders Badie and Al-Shater

Trial Delayed: Egypt’s Brotherhood leaders Badie and Al-Shater

Ahram reported:

The hearing was deferred because the defendants were not brought to court on security grounds, judicial sources said.

The three Brotherhood leaders, along with three others arrested as part of a crackdown on the Islamist group’s upper echelon, stand accused of an array of charges including inciting murder and attempted murder.

Gulf Today reported:

The trial of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie and two deputies on charges of inciting the murder of protesters was adjourned minutes after it opened on Sunday because the defendants were absent.

The court adjourned the trial of the Brotherhood leaders and 32 other defendants to Oct.29, requesting that the interior ministry bring the defendants to court.

It does seem a bit odd that the required appearance of the defendants wasn’t ironed out before today.

Perhaps over the next two months, we will see some leaks about the veracity of the charges like we did when former Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt and current adviser, Tahani Al-Jebali, made the allegation that Barack Obama’s brother is a major player with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Or… when prominent Egyptian Television personality Ahmed Moussa charged that the passport of Christopher Stevens’ “assassin” was found in the home of one of the three aforementioned defendants (Khariat al-Shater).

Or… when prominent Egyptian newspaper Almesryoon reported on potential evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood was receiving “gifts” (bribes) totaling more than tens of millions of dollars.

We don’t know what the next two months will bring but if leaks are to be discovered, we’ll bring them to you.


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