Archive | October 19, 2013

Egypt Television airing our work on Benghazi suspect

This video was sent in by one of our readers. It appears to be one produced originally by the Western Center for Journalism back in August. We cannot confirm and do not endorse all of the claims made in the video (we refer you to our “Ironclad” Report when seeking our positions on this subject […]

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Is Ted Cruz benefiting from the Archie Bunker Effect?

By Ben Barrack If there’s one thing I’ve learned in talk radio, it’s that satire often goes over people’s heads. Often, something said as a throw-away, back-handed, off-the-cuff line intended to invoke humor is taken seriously or seen as objectionable. This is not because those on the receiving end don’t understand the concept of satire; […]

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Did House Subcommittee Uncover a new Benghazi Lie?

Anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty knows that Susan Rice lied on September 16, 2012, when she blamed the Benghazi attacks on a video. Now, thanks to a House Subcommittee, there may be evidence that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney lied on September 10, 2012. The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight Investigations, […]

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