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CAIR Florida attempts Espionage Jihad; Epic Fail

If you have not heard of Dr. Jonathan Matusitz, we’d like to introduce you to him. He is a professor at the University of Central Florida and is from Belgium; he is also an Islamophobe (according to groups like CAIR). It would appear that CAIR’s Florida office (CAIR-FL), whose Executive Director is a guy named […]

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Where is the Leader of Jamal Network?

On October 7th, the State Department designated Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif and his Jamal network (MJN) as terrorist entities. Al-Kashif’s MJN is widely believed to have been involved in the Benghazi attack. What has also been widely reported is that Al-Kashif was released from prison in early 2011 after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. Via […]

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Peshawar’s Church of Martyrs

Our team in Pakistan has been focused primarily on the victims of the Peshawar suicide bombing at All Saints Church recently. Below, you will find the history of the church and some exclusive details about what has been going on there since the attacks. History of All Saints Church: The Rev. Worthington Jukes built all […]

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Janet Parshall interviews Walid

Today, Walid Shoebat appeared on In the Market with Janet Parshall to talk on several topics, to include Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Rescue Christians. As for the Brotherhood, Shoebat doesn’t seem to think that the banning of the Brotherhood will be the last word; he anticipates even further civil unrest. As for Egypt, Parshall […]

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Will arrest of Libyan affect Benghazi Investigation?

It’s hard to argue that the capture of Abu Anas al Libi in Tripoli isn’t a good thing but is it possible that his capture may have actually helped to reinforce the Benghazi stonewall? At least one U.S. official seems to indicate that the arrest of al Libi may have given the Benghazi attackers a […]

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