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Walid interviewed by Sam Sorbo

Walid appeared on the Andrea Tantaros show again today with guest host Sam Sorbo. They talked about the connections of Barack Obama’s family in Kenya, to fundamentalist Islam. As Shoebat has explained before, Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik works for the Sudanese government as the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). Toward the end […]

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Giving Erdogan something to Cry about

After an ‘Arab Spring’ that began with so much promise for the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan), the Islamic group has hit a run of bad luck. Its biggest defeat began on July 3rd, when Mohammed Mursi was removed from power. The military didn’t just remove Mursi; it’s essentially banned the group and has been rounding up […]

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Pakistan: Muslims Break Into Christian Home, Torture Family and Tell Them To Convert To Islam At Gunpoint

From The MTT: Pakistan is blighted by sectarian attacks by Sunni Islamists against the Shia and other minority communities like Christians and Hindus also suffer from militant attacks. At the same time, institutional discrimination is also a major problem for non-Muslims. Therefore, the recent report circulating from Islamabad about a Christian family being held at […]

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Estimated 50,000 Christians Have Fled To The Mountains Of Syria, Or To Lebanon

From George Marlin of Catholic Online: For many months now there have been plenty of headlines devoted to the unrest in the Middle East, notably in Egypt and Syria. What has been missing, however, is any significant media coverage of the ongoing anti-Christian persecutions in those two countries. The world was just deliberating at the […]

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State of Iowa Attacks Mennonites For Standing Up To The Sodomites

By Theodore Shoebat The sodomites, with the support of the heretical state of Iowa, is attacking the Mennonites. There is a new story in which a Mennonite wedding facility is being sued by the state of Iowa’s Civil Rights Commission, for their denying to have a homosexual marriage conducted, a decision which of course springs […]

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