Archive | October 21, 2013

Stick to Your Guns and Your Bibles; it’s Radical

By Keith Davies Maybe Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are right and everyone else is wrong. Noah – another radical of his day – was the only one who warned about the flood before the whole world drowned. Was not Jesus viewed as a radical by the establishment in his time? That’s a self-evident […]

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Muslims Open Fire On Wedding

From The BBC: Three people, including a girl aged eight, died when gunmen on motorcycles opened fire on a wedding party outside a Coptic Christian church in Cairo. At least nine others were wounded in the attack in Giza, officials said. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Egypt’s Coptic Christian community has been targeted […]

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Today’s Barrack Show: New front in Benghazi

**NOTE: Beginning today, shows are available for download in addition to streaming** On Today’s show… Is there a new front opening up relative to the Benghazi stonewall? Fox reporter James Rosen picked up on the work of a House Armed Services committee that has zeroed in on a press release dated 9/10/12, one day prior […]

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