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The Case FOR Honor Killing-Phobia

One of the most frustrating things for westerners since 9/11 has been the unwillingness of ‘peaceful’ Muslims to stand against the extremists. That frustration includes a premise that says such Muslims aren’t doing anything. However, what happens when these ‘peaceful’ Muslims actually work against you? In Canada, ‘peaceful’ Muslims are objecting to the use of […]

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Proof Jihadists shouldn’t have Anti-Aircraft Weaponry

After watching this video, you will certainly understand the dangers of placing shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missile launchers into the hands of Jihadists. The location of this shooting is difficult to determine but this is what happens when evil is given power (and weapons). Oh, the humanity…

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Religious Liberty Leads To Tyranny

By Theodore Shoebat All of civilization, came as a result of religious intolerance. When the Hebrews invaded Canaan, they overthrew the high places, for which children were burnt alive, toppled down the gods for which the heathens ate human flesh and indulged in the greatest violence, and placed the banner of Yahweh over the vanquished […]

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State Dept acknowledges Egyptian Terror Group in Libya

**NOTE: This Post constitutes EXHIBIT AF in our “Ironclad” Report.** Regular visitors to our site are likely familiar with the name Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif. He is an Egyptian whose name inspired the Jamal Network that has been widely acknowledged to have played a role in the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12. Al-Kashif was released from […]

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