Archive | October 11, 2013

Obama Punishing Egypt for Punishing Muslim Brotherhood

All around the globe – from the far east to the middle east to Europe and even to North America – governments have been unable to effectively deal with Muslim Brotherhood-inspired movements. In recent history, there has been one glaring exception – in Egypt. It’s found the antidote for a virus that has been running […]

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Trucker calls for America’s ‘Egypt Moment’ on Live TV

“General” Ernest Lee, a trucker and leader in the ‘Big Rig’ rally that is designed to shutdown Washington, DC this weekend by flooding the beltway with truckers, appeared on Megyn Kelly’s new program to talk about the goals of the ride. Without hesitation, Lee – two times – insisted that America needs an “Egypt moment”, […]

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‘Captain Phillips’ despised by Liberals; Must be good

Perhaps the timeliness of a movie about a container ship off the coast of Somalia getting hijacked couldn’t be more appropriate with the recent Al-Shabaab attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi and the subsequent Navy SEAL raid in the early morning hours of October 5th. Captain Phillips is based on the true story of […]

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