Archive | October 13, 2013

Homeland Security Adviser makes case FOR Islamophobia

If stealth jihadists are open to ‘dialogue’, we’d like to introduce a new term into the discussion. It’s called IsLamOGIC (Is-LOMB-o’-jik). It is a term that is synonymous with illogic but more narrowly focused to refer to the knots Muslim Brotherhood apologists, sympathizers, apparatchiks, and members twist themselves into when arguing their case. Is-L-am-OGIC: a […]

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Today’s Barrack Show: Egypt back in the News

On Today’s Show… This week, the U.S. State Department gave an official terrorist designation to an Egyptian network and its leader. What State didn’t do was identify this network as having been involved in the Benghazi attack, even though it’s been widely acknowledged as a suspect network. Even NBC news has reported on this network’s […]

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