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British Parlimintarian: End Persecution of Christians

From Express: Tory MP Philip Hollobone has demanded more be done to stop the persecution of Christians across the Middle East and Africa. Many Coptic Christians have been killed, tortured and raped while churches have been torched, including 100 in Egypt. Last month Taliban suicide bombers killed 85 worshippers at a Christian church in Peshawar, […]

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Christian-Muslim Tensions Still Linger In Kenya

From The Washington Post, by Ken Chitwood: NAIROBI, Kenya — While the smoke that hung over the Westgate Shopping Mall has dissipated, a quiet tension still lingers in the air throughout the capital. Last month’s attack by al-Shabab militants on a mall frequented by Westerners in the capital city, left at least 67 dead. But […]

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Chinese Government Persecutes Christians

From Religion Today: Washington, D.C. (ICC) — A recent spate of attacks against Christians and house churches in China underlines the country’s relentless habit of persecuting Christians, even at the cost of its own reputation in the international community. Christians Beaten in Hainan Province On Aug. 14, a number of Christians in Lingao town, Lincheng […]

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Christians Join Syrian Army To Fight Jihadists

From Catholic Online Syrian Christians are starting to align with the regime of Bashar al Assad as extremist rebels form an increasing number of the anti-regime fighters. Worried about their churches and homes, Christians are organizing into volunteer units and fighting alongside the regular Syrian army. There is a sense of stalemate and a need […]

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Glazov Gang talks with Walid about Malik Obama

Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine’s Glazov Gang,sat down with Walid recently sat to discuss a wide array of topics to include Huma Abedin, the dereliction of the mainstream media, the Obama family in general, Malik Obama in particular. Later in the interview, Glazov asked Walid to talk about the harassing phone calls he’s been receiving. […]

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How about The Washington Indian Savages?

He (King George) has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions. – Declaration of Independence, 1776. During halftime of last night’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and […]

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Ancient Protestants Fought Against Ancient Muslims — A Call For Unity

By Theodore Shoebat While the Christians of antiquity called themselves Catholic, there was a sect who rejected the legitimacy of the Papacy, on account that it reaccepted lapsed Christians who, out of fear, gave sacrifices to pagan gods during the early persecutions. These were called Novatians, the Protestants of old Christendom. One could argue that […]

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Rand Paul talks about the Persecution of Christians

At the Values Voter Summit this week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke at length about the persecution of Christians all across the Middle East. He also referenced the percentage of Muslims in Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan who “sympathize with violence against Christians”. That number adds up to over 40 million and it precisely these no-nonsense […]

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