Archive | October 3, 2013

Dem. Congressman: Republicans waging Peaceful Struggle

We are constantly told that the word “Jihad” does not mean anything violent. Instead, we’re told, it is a word that westerners simply don’t understand and that it means “inner struggle” or “struggle within”. According to the Centre for Peace and Spirituality website, Jihad is a “peaceful struggle” and that the word for war in […]

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Should Kenyan authorities investigate the Obamas?

The known number of Obamas in Kenya who are not only Muslim but very active in spreading wahhabist Islam continues to grow. The latest example, according to a couple of 2010 articles from Al Watan and Ekhbaryat (two Saudi newspapers), is Barack Obama’s cousin Feisal Mboya. Until now, the name Feisal Mboya has been all […]

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Did Obama’s Cousin Musa admit to aiding Al-Shabaab?

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack In the wake of the terrorist attack at the Westgate mall in Kenya, a joint committee has been formed within the Kenyan parliament to gather evidence and investigate. The committee is reportedly comprised of members from the National Security and Defense Commissions. The growing unease with Somalis in Kenya […]

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