Muslims Murder 93 Christians In A Very Short Amount Of Time

By Theodore Shoebat

The savage killing of Christians by Muslims is already happening. Just this Sunday, Muslims stormed the Christian village of Izge in Nigeria, making their cries of “Allahu Akbar!”, killing everyone in sight, and indulging in plunder. According to one resident, the Muslim barbarians butchered 93 Christians in cold blood.

One witness survivor said:

They started shooting sporadically, killing everyone on sight

The followers of Muhammad razed the whole village of Izge, and when numerous people fled, the savages chased them down to slaughter them.

The Nigerian Tribune wrote:

A resident of the area, Mallam Bulama, said the gunmen, in military uniforms, invaded the town at about midnight on Saturday, killing 93 people with many others left wounded.
He said the terrorists, in their hundreds, who came with sophisticated weapons, started sporadic shootings and, in the process, set many houses, shops and buildings ablaze.

Although Nigeria has been at war with Boko Haram for a half a decade, the military has not been efficient enough to crush the violent pagans. Adam Higazi, Nigeria researcher at Cambridge University, made this comment:

Basically, what we’re seeing is increasing violence in the rural area …The military seems not to be effective at the moment in fighting this guerrilla war.

This massacre of Christians is not an isolated event, but a result of a coordinated and calculated conspiracy by the Islamic world (with Saudi Arabia as its ideological and financial head), to fulfill the aspiration of Muhammad, and that is to kill all those who say that Christ is the Son of God and is God.

This is why we began Rescue Christians, because we see the writing on the wall, and the foreshadowing signs of the impending holocaust of all the saints. This is why it is so important to donate to this cause, because without your help, we would never have been able to save the countless Christians we have delivered over the past years.

We are currently fighting for the life and liberty of a Christian in Pakistan, named Sajjad Masih. He was sentenced to life in prison, but thanks to Rescue Christians he has been acquitted from one charge, and now all that is left is for Rescue Christians to have him acquitted from another charge. As Sajjad’s brother said:

Now our brother Sajjad has been sentenced for lifetime imprisonment due to the negligence of the lawyers. Then we came into contact with Rescue Christians and they have now provided us a legal aid and the lawyers of Rescue Christians have acquitted Sajjad from one case. Now only one case is left and by the grace of God they will set him free from that case as well.

We must do what we can to help Sajjad. His mother has become ill, she has been a widow for 25 years, and her son Sajjad was the only one taking care of her. If Sajjad’s is not liberated from the virulent hands of the Muslims, the life of this poor woman will be plunged into great anguish.

I ask you to, for the love of God, donate to save the life of Sajjad Masih.

Here is a video os Sajjad’s brother giving the very sad details on this heart breaking story:



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