The Persecution of Christians That Muslims Don’t Want You To See

By Theodore Shoebat

As we strive to to deliver the persecuted Christians from the their suffering, we realize that while some cases of persecution are told to the public, there are countless others that are not.

We are currently dealing with a very difficult and case. A Christian man named Sajjad Masih was arrested in Pakistan and sentenced to life in prison under blasphemy law.

But by the will and grace of God, Rescue Christians has managed in getting Sajjad acquitted from one charge, and now all that is remaining is for Rescue Christians to have him acquitted from another charge.

His brothers suffer the bitterest anguish, not knowing if Sajjad will return to them in freedom, or get thrown into prison where he will never truly see life again.

His mother is a poor widow, and has been very ill, and if we do not free her son from the yokes of the Muslims, she will lose a son, and will be deprived of her only caretaker.

What if you were in this family’s situation? What if it was your son who was in that courtroom, enduring this trial, and being under the mercy of Muslims? Would you not want someone to help? Put yourself in their shoes, and then donate to help save the life of this persecuted Christian.

Everyone here needs to watch this video, and understand what suffering Sajjad is enduring, and what suffering Christians are going through everyday in Pakistan.

We cannot save this poor Christian without your charitable help. PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN.


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