Syrian Christian Family Slaughtered, But Not By Muslims

By the Syrian Christian

A Syrian Christian family in Egypt was brutally slaughtered in Alexandria, Egypt. Several blogs, such as Raymond Ibrahim, posted the story from Arabic sources, that alluded that they were murdered for their political views. We instantly pulled out our story after discovering that this had nothing to do with Christian persecution. They were not killed by Muslims, but by an unfaithful wife and her lover.

Al Arabia initially said it was persecution, but then corrected themselves, and reported that it was the wife in the family who organized the murder of her husband and his sister, telling her lover to kill them. LT. Nassar al-Abd, the head of the criminal division, stated that the killing was revenge, that there was no break-in, the door was opened by the assailant using the key of the house. He stabbed the husband to death and slaughtered the sister. Worried about witnesses, he then stabbed the wife (the one who ordered the crime) in the throat and then plunged his dagger into the throat of her young toddler. As Al-Arabia says:

The wife betrayal led to the killing of her family members, the wife was involved with the so called Khaled Gazal to commit the crime and she helped him to get into the apartment and start slaughtering her husband’s sister &her husband while sleeping. The criminal felt unsafe later, so he slaughtered her with her baby together to hide his crime then he set fire in the apartment to conceal any evidence that might reveal the massacre.



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