Antichrist Turkey Betrays The U.S And Plans To Occupy Syria

By Walid Shoebat

It is always strange to see how the media writes their articles when exposing a mess. For example, The International Business Times exposes the situation about how the cutthroat Turks being the sleazy type that wants to take over Syria by supporting “radical Islamist factions”:

On the battlefield in northern Syria, moderate rebel groups who used to dominate the struggle against President Bashar Assad are falling one after the other. Some of them, previously backed by the U.S., are now dissolved into radical Islamist factions.

“Moderate rebels”? If they were so “moderate” how could they be “dissolved into radical Islamist factions”?

Reading the media on all sides, whether left, middle, or right just drives me crazy.  It is as if the anti-Bashar Syrian fighters are rated as one rates La-Victoria Salsa and while some rebels are “mild” (void of habanero), others are “acid hot” just because they ‘oppose ISIS’ or that they ‘use beheading’ to kill. This makes David a member of ISIS just because he beheaded Goliath.

I had thought that terrorists are all acid burning habanero no matter which orifice the media sticks them, be it eye, mouth or anywhere they could find a gap below the belt. If a terrorist kills by a pressure cooker or by a gruesome beheading, death is still the same. So I thought, but the media thinks otherwise. Strange.

The rest of the article reveals what we had warned about when Obama planed to raise more rebels working with Turkey which is forging its own path to try and topple Assad by actively supporting Ahrar al Sham, a group with ties to al Qaeda, the IBTimes says that the U.S. has for years kept at arm’s length — and that strategy is pitting Turkey against Washington, its biggest ally.

Ahrar al Sham, now they tell us,

“continued to thrive, experts said, thanks to the support of wealthy businessmen in the Persian Gulf region and Turkey. The group has in the past been linked to Jabhat al-Nusra, the al Qaeda offshoot in Syria, and is known for its extremist and anti-Western political values. But like Jabhat al-Nusra, it does not have a reputation for brutality: It does not behave like the Islamic State group. In fact, it’s opposed to it.”

Really? “Opposing ISIS” which wants to kill Bashar while establishing a Caliphate is any different from the others who want to “first kill Bashar and have a Caliphate later”?

Turkey and gulf money is supporting terrorism and trying to say that “mild” is measured through what ISIS does is ridiculous.


Ahrar Al-Sham Praying. Habanero posing as Jalapeño


ISIS Praying, Habanero posing as Habanero


Free Syrian Army praying, Habanero posing as Serrano Chillies.


Which looks better, this westernized couple, the handsome Bashar and his lovely British wife or the thugs praying with all the acid flavor that comes with them?

What is slowly being discovered by the blind, the deaf and the lame is that a terrorist is a terrorist and all this naming conventions all with the La-Victoria Salsa heat indicator, that both the media and the terrorists use, is simply a ruse. And as we read the news, what we forecasted is coming to light, Turkey wants to invade Syria and the relationship between the U.S. and Turkey is slowly deteriorating:

“Turkey’s support for Ahrar al Sham is representative of a larger conflict between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government and the U.S. that is now coming to what analysts are calling a tipping point.”

Turkey is backing Ahrar al Sham, while the U.S. has sought to support the Habanero ‘moderate rebels’ to rid the world of ISIS but what is happening now is that Turkey is almost in complete control of the northern Syrian battlefield, through its local proxies.

Through Ahrar al Sham Turkey will later influence ISIS by making deals or plan to merge the two. In the meanwhile, Turkey supports Ahrar Al-Sham terror group and is funding it with weapons and cash transported through border crossings like Bab al Hawa.

ABC Barbara Walters and all the smear campaigners are slowly proven false and Assad was correct when he said that Erdogan was “personally responsible” for the fighting in Syria and the surge of Islamic terrorism in the region. “There will be no problem defeating [ISIS]. Even today we don’t have a problem militarily. The problem is that they still have this continuous supply, mainly from Turkey,” Assad said.

And where is Washington? It lost. It has backed rebel terrorists like Harakat Hazzm that disbanded earlier this year and as the media says “dissolved into radical Islamist factions”.

Many analysts get it, but they intentionally don’t get it when they write their thesis. Erdogan wants an Islamic Caliphate. “A lot of Western observers are simply puzzled by the way Turkey has handled this subject,” says Marc Pierini, the former European Union ambassador to Turkey and Syria. “On the one hand Turkey says it is against violence and that ISIS is a terrorist organization. But at the same time the anti-Western narrative is something that is regarded with sympathy by the religious conservatives in Turkey and the electorate.”

By “religious conservative” they mean the Caliphate minded Muslim fanatics like Erdogan, and not supporters for a Billy Graham crusade, yet it is this type of terminology which keeps the sheep confused. Erdogan has historically appealed to the ‘conservative Muslim’ population in Turkey, most of whom opposed the country’s joining of the U.S.-led coalition last year.

The IBTimes says: “That push by Erdogan may lead to more divisions between the U.S. and Turkey, and could help prolong the stalemate on the ground in Syria — where ISIS controls the east, the regime holds the west and south, and rebels [that is Caliph Erdogan] hold the north, as the war enters its fifth year.”

The media loves to use too many words to send a simple message: Erdogan, the Caliphate minded man, supports terrorism, he wants Syria, he wants the handsome Bashar dead and wants to become a Caliph to post his Hitler looking face to be worshiped by the Muslim world.

The history to be repeated eschatologically is the pride of Erdogan when the Ottoman Sultan Selim I turned against Syria and Egypt, conquered them and ruled the Middle East, is exactly what we see happening today: a history which repeats itself while the U.S. makes stupid decisions. And while the sleazy Turks do their evil, the saints in heaven sings, for victory is inevitable:

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