The U.S. State Department Is Now Al-Qaeda’s Command And Control Center

By Walid Shoebat

The United States is “deeply concerned” about an Egyptian court decision to seek the death penalty for former President Mohamed Morsi, a State Department official said on Sunday.

“We are deeply concerned by yet another mass death sentence handed down by an Egyptian court to more than 100 defendants, including former President Morsi,” the official said.

“We have consistently spoken out against the practice of mass trials and sentences, which are conducted in a manner that is inconsistent with Egypt’s international obligations and the rule of law,” the official said.

On April 21st, predicted: “it would not be surprising to see the US government itself defend Morsi.”

And indeed they are.

While Russia recognizes the Muslims Brotherhood as “terrorist organization,” the U.S. State Department refuses to do the same. Morsi was a proven terrorist in a court of law and now as it seems that the United States is defending and is attempting to protect terrorists. It seems that the State Department has become the emergency Command and Control Center for the very mother that bore Al-Qaeda: the Muslim Brotherhood. Now that they await their turn to visit the gallows, the State Department acts as an emergency A-Team unit to rescue it?

In any society, we can either have the just judge the tyrant or we can have the tyrant judge the just. The U.S decided to support the latter, unless of course, the Muslim Brotherhood, the very mother of Al-Qaeda, is now considered just and worthy of U.S. support.

Years ago this would have been hard to imagine, but today under Obama its true.

The Guardian reported that “One of those sentenced to death in absentia, the Brotherhood official Ahmed Ramy Elhofy, warned the west to expect a backlash.” In other words, that the Muslim Brotherhood vows to avenge from the West, yet the Obama Administration is defending this terrorist?


Brotherhood official Ahmed Ramy Elhofy

Is Morsi and all his henchmen are all of the sudden “innocent”?

Investigations by Egyptian authorities revealed the group from prison coordinated the infiltration of more than 800 terrorists, through the Egypt Gaza tunnels came from Hamas during the revolution of January 2011. SUVs heavily loaded with terrorists and firearms fired heavily on police and government facilities adjacent to the border with the Gaza Strip and killed many police officers. Then they drove off in three groups to the Valley Natrun, Abu Zaabal and Marj prisons, and were able to storm and kill more than fifty police officers and prisoners smuggling inmates from the prison, in addition to releasing more than twenty thousand criminals.

The issue of communicating with Qatar
The proceedings began on July 4, 2013, when the public prosecutor Hisham Barakat ordered an investigation with Morsi and 35 others on charges related to “collaborating with foreign entities to harm the interests of Egypt”, prior to referral for criminal prosecution in the December 18, 2013.

The first trial began in February 16, 2014, an issue considered by the Attorney General, “the biggest case of espionage in the history of Egypt.”

The list of 36 accused in the case (including one woman), 23 are still escapees and 13 in custody. The case papers included the indictment of two leaders of the group and their children, Khayrat Shater and Essam Al-Haddad and his son Gehad El-Haddad who worked for the Clinton Foundation for five years, as reported earlier.

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Gehad Al-Haddad including court documents showing his dealings with the U.S.

While the media lightly share the case, the court records in Egypt shares much evidenced detail. Essam el-Haddad and Gihad el-Haddad, Clinton’s partners in nefarious dealings, were key operatives in the Muslim Brotherhood and have a wrap sheet a mile long. Those documents implicate the Haddads dealings with the Sudanese branch of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), the same IDO that the U.S. President’s brother, Malik Obama has been linked to which had ties up to his neck with terror fronts and a government in Sudan which was neck-deep in genocide.




Khayrat Al-Shater

We were first to report extensively on these issues while the American media failed to review and translate all 42 pages from the Egyptian central intelligence docket, rife with references to both Essam and Gehad el-Haddad as well as several American officials and dignitaries working their way through unofficial channels using bribery through Khairat Al-Shater who was not even an Egyptian government official. All this happened under Clinton’s watch.

Clinton’s associates were among the most prominent alongside with Mohammed Badie, the Brotherhood advisor, Khayrat Shater, Mahmoud Ezzat, deputy general guide, and Essam Haddad, Assistant to Morsi on former affairs abroad, Mohi Hamed, Morsi’s adviser for planning and follow-up, Ayman Ali Morsi adviser for Egyptian affairs abroad, Ahmed Abdel-Ati, director for Morsi’s office, Hussein Kazaz, Morsi’s adviser, Mohammed Tahtawi, Chairman of the Presidium of the former Republic and his deputy Sheikh Asaad.

It was proven beyond doubt that all the accused were communicating with foreign organizations for the aim of committing terrorist acts inside the country. This, including disclosing defense secrets to foreign countries, financing terrorism, military training in order to achieve the purposes of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and committing acts which lead to compromising the independence of the country’s unity and territorial integrity.

This including all the terror violence committed by the Muslim Brotherhood inside Egypt to create chaos including the preparation of a terrorist plot with foreign terrorist organizations, namely Hamas and Hezbollah and other organizations inside and outside the country that embraces extremist takfiri ideas. In addition to the measure, there also was the infiltration of members of the Brotherhood into the Gaza Strip through secret tunnels, and access to external funding from terrorist organizations and foreign countries, to carry out criminal schemes and spread chaos in the country.

 According to the prosecutor general, Hamas and Hezbollah, assisted by Iran, helped train Muslim Brotherhood operatives in Gaza as far back as 2005. In return, Morsi leaked state secrets to the Revolutionary Guard once he assumed the presidency.

Esmat el-Merghany, the head of a lawyer’s union, said: “Morsi betrayed the nation and is guilty of the ultimate treason because of his espionage for Qatar. It’s normal that he should get the death sentence for the crimes he committed against his people.”


Judge Shaaban el-Shami also sought capital punishment for the Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat el-Shater and 15 others on Saturday (local time), accusing them of conspiring with foreign militant groups against Egypt.

Indeed, treason and terrorism should be sentenced by hanging on the gallows and the U.S., the nation which prides itself on ‘law and order’ seems now to be backing up the terrorists. Or is it perhaps we have a State Department that itself is treasonous and is also involved with these very elements.

Now Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a pro-Islamist in Turkey condemned the sentences yesterday, saying “Egypt is turning back into ancient Egypt”. But why would the Obama Administration do the same type of condemnation, unless of course, it too supports the Islamists?

Many argue that if Morsi was guilty of anything, why was he not put on trial before his election?

Well, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton also belonged in prison prior to them running during  the elections. Being elected does not prove that you are innocent of evils, it only proves that the U.S. (and like Egypt prior to Morsi’s election) was asleep. The only difference is that Egypt is doing something about it while the U.S. it is ‘lawlessness as usual’.

We have for years written extensively revealing so much about Brotherhood individuals and their activities, many of whom are now behind bars. In the end, justice prevails, it always does, and the U.S. current administration is not immune from it since God is always watching.