The US Government Is Now Wanting To Court Marshall A U.S. Major General For Calling Himself A “Redeemed Believer In Christ” (PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA HAS BEGUN)

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

In this story, there is no other way to explain it except that the U.S. commanded by Obama has begun an inquisition on Christians and now is demanding to court martial our military servicemen for simply expressing their Christian faith. Fox News reported that an Air Force general who recently spoke about how God has guided his career should be “court-martialed,” by a Pentagon’s appointed agency.


In a speech at a National Day of Prayer Task Force event on May 7, Maj. Gen. Craig Olson credits God for his accomplishments in the military, and refers to himself as a “redeemed believer in Christ” and for that the Pentagon appointed the agency The Military Religious Freedom Foundation to demand he gets court-martialed and punished severely.


The Air Force Times reports that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has taken issue with Olson’s remarks, is calling for the two-star general to be court-martialed and “aggressively and very visibly brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions.”

Prayer is America is now considered “unforgivable crimes and transgressions”. Such words are used as though the general committed some sort of blasphemy. The Obama Administration in order to persecute Christians for refusing to bend the knee to atheism, set up this anti-Christ, one who is a spitting image of Mussolini named Mikey Weinstein.


Mikey Weinstein


Fascist Benito Mussolini

Weinstein, a Jewish activist who abandoned his Jewish faith and everything that God stands for, hates Christians as in times when certain Jews hated and killed St. Stephen. So the Pentagon hired Wienstein as an agent of the state to literally work as an atheist inquisitor: “to serve as a consultant and develop new policies on religious tolerance.”

The saint walking in the way of St. Stephen here is Major General Craig Olson, who said in this video “I am thankful that I am a redeemed believer in Christ standing here right now … I have been with fellow redeemed Christians who happen to be educators, who happen to be businessmen, who happen to be medical professionals, who happen to be public officers. I am just a Christian who happens to be in the Air Force. So we all have things to do but we are believers who love Christ and love this nation.”

Olson continued to say what now seems to be his crime: “I will tell you why this nation and its freedom and the military and its role to protect this freedom means so much to me …”

What the Pentagon’s agency has done was so degrading that America’s righteous pastor, Franklin Graham, who has correctly and continually warned of these coming days upon America wrote regarding Maj. Gen. Olson asking:

“Are Christians the only group of people who cannot identify themselves publicly in this country? Are we the only voices who cannot speak? The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is calling for the court martial–yes, court martial–of Maj. Gen. Craig Olson for calling himself “a redeemed believer in Christ” and giving God the glory for his success at a National Day of Prayer event. I guess this group would’ve tried to court martial George Washington when he prayed at Valley Forge! Come on–Whose civil liberties are really being infringed on here? They want to bully Christians into silence.”

With such thuggery, the day will come when even our own efforts here in the U.S., righteous pastors like Franklin Graham and our beloved organization, Rescue Christians will soon themselves be in need of rescuing. It is no wonder that the government of Franco oppressed and killed the atheists communists of Spain, to protect his nation from savages like these. Atheism is just as dangerous as Islam and it will use the state to enact its own godless tyrannical system just as it was in the days of pagan Rome.

It is perhaps the right occasion that we release for the first time our new promotional video which warns of the days we live, and the days to come, and the days we all must endure, and the days we gain the ultimate victory with Christ. May God have mercy on our nation, the United States of America and we pray God remove this stain of shame, Mikey Weinstein from our military.