Former Muslim from Iran, now a Christian pastor, scares the bejeezus out of people by speaking frankly about the rising menace of Islam in America

By BI: After listening to Shahram Hadian speak for over an hour about Islam, Alton Howell said, “It scared the living daylights out of me.” “I think that we better pay attention, the city of Seattle is full of Muslims.”

Spokesman Hadian, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, also outlined his anti-Islam views for a group of conservative legislators in Boise earlier this year.


Shahram Hadian sees America losing its freedoms, just like his birth country lost its freedoms under “an oppressive Islamic regime. It wasn’t the first time he was invited to school elected officials on what he calls “the fallacy of a peaceful Islam.”

Hadian, who was born in Iran and came to the U.S. as a young boy, warns audiences that Islam is not just a religion but a totalitarian system governing people’s lives. Americans must not let political correctness and tolerance keep them sidelined while Islam destroys their way of life, he said.


“The hour is too critical for us to be silent,” he said to vigorous applause in Sandpoint. But he prefaced his talk by assuring the crowd, “I am not anti-Muslim. I have family that are still Muslims. I have a great heart for Muslims because they are in darkness, they need to be rescued out of the darkness.”

No surprise, Arsalan Bukhari, executive director of designated terrorist group CAIR  in Seattle, said Hadian is adept at passionate lectures that advance fringe ideas and falsehoods. He also said Hadian engages in the sort of inflammatory speech that leads to kids being bullied in schools, adults being taunted at work, vandalism of property and hate crimes. (Ever the victim, CAIR pooh poohs the truth about Islam and pulls out the ‘Islamophobia’ card)

“It is affecting public opinion, it is mobilizing people to see their fellow Americans who are Muslims or look Muslim as somehow a threat,” Bukhari said. (Maybe that’s the idea?)