Erdogan The Leader Of The Antichrist Nation Of Turkey Confirmed To Be A Part Of A Strange Homosexual Cult

By Walid Shoebat

Whether Antichrist will be homosexual has been an ongoing debate for decades, new very strange and revealing reports coming out of Turkey’s media might present a case that Erdogan, the latest candidate for being the Antichrist, might have supernatural influence. Besides Erdogan’s mass hypnosis he is now  mysteriously influencing major media moguls into a type of homo-erotica that is mixed with weird and bizarre spirituality. The latest story is about how Erdogan causes men who have been known to be straight to all of the sudden sexually lust for Erdogan.

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Erdogan’s success to become the sole ruler of Turkey desperately depends on the support of major media moguls who in the past were not part of Erdogan’s cult, but through Erdogan’s mesmerizing powers was able to change major media moguls, as Al-Monitor broke the latest news:

On May 15, the Turkish media were rocked by the words of the media mogul Ethem Sancak, who bluntly declared his love for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a TV interview. Sancak said, “While working on his campaign to get him elected prime minister, from my hometown Siirt, I met him. I saw his honesty and courage. I saw his opposition to oppression, his ability to protect the victim. The more I saw him, I feel in love [with him]. To be honest, during my days as a leftist, I could not understand the love between Mevlana [Jelaluddin Rumi, the poet] and [his companion and spiritual guide] Shams al-Tabrizi. As I got to know Erdogan, I realized that such a kind of divine love between two men is possible. When I [first] declared my love to him, I was already among the top 20 on the Forbes’ list. I did not need to wait for any favors by holding on to Erdogan’s coattails.”


The strange phenomenon can only be explained by what last year has predicted and revealed prior to this report that if Erdogan should be nominated as Antichrist, then the greatest spiritual influence into this movement must stem from none other than the Muslim theologian Jalaluddin Rumi. Ever since our reports things are falling into place that Rumi’s Sufism with all his strange homo-erotica will revive along with it, all the homosexual and pedophile deviances which stemmed from the Ottoman Empire.

The strange worship of Erdogan bewildered the interviewer since Sancak even used such sacrificial oath given to Erdogan that belonged only to the prophet of Islam himself. The famous Hadith Biabi anta wa-ummi ya rasul-Allah, in English, “to thee [Oh prophet] I sacrifice my mother and father” has now become the vow of many, not to the prophet of Islam as commonly understood, but to Erdogan instead:

The TV host tried to make sense of it all, as Sancak was obviously trying to clarify why a few days earlier at a rally in Rize he had gone on the record as saying, “An Arabic proverb says, ‘May my parents be sacrificed for you.’ I say to Erdogan: May my mom, dad, wife and children be sacrificed for you.”

Sancak’s words have elicited a wide range of criticism and comments, not just from opposition groups in Turkey, but also from pious Muslims.

Conservative pundits argued that Sancak has substituted Erdogan for the Prophet Muhammad and they are correct. The leader of the conservative Nationalist Action Party, Devlet Bahceli, echoed similar sentiments May 15 and commented further on extreme forms of dedication to Erdogan. Bahceli said, “They claim it is divine to touch Erdogan. They almost declared him a prophet. They called Erdogan ‘​the messenger of God.’”

Bahceli went further at a May 16 rally in Konya, the province from which Rumi and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu come. He asked, “What does this protege of Erdogan try to tell us? What does this treasurer for Erdogan aim to do?” Bahceli was particularly taken by the implication that Rumi and his companion may have had a love affair. Indeed, several commentators through Internet postings and social media warned Sancak that according to legend, Rumi’s companion Tabrizi was murdered by none other than Rumi’s son. Of note, historians still debate what happened to Tabrizi. Some claim his disappearance was related to Rumi’s jealous followers.

The outspoken fashion designer, and LBGT activist Barbaros Sansal tweeted, with a colorful photo, “I have been a gay man for fifty years. I have never seen a gay affair like this.”

This is because Sansal does not understand the spiritual dynamo of all this which stems from the weirdest of spirituality called Sema. In our Islam Is A Homosexual Cult and prior to this recent report, exposed how in Sufism, corrupting the Shema (Hear O Israel) in their own deprived version, Sema (to listen, hear) is now regarding pedophile trance:

The very disturbing ritual called “Sema” in which Sufi mystics would surround young boys and stare at them until they fell into a demonic trance (as Hurriyet Daily News, a Turkish media) revealed: “Some of the Sufis even organized what were known as “sema” during which ceremonies, they would sit in a circle and concentrate on the beautiful young boys in the center, concentrating to such an extent on what they perceived as beauty that they might fall into a trance.”

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Sancak owns the Star Daily and Kanal 24. Recently, he also acquired the dailies Aksam and Gunes and SKY 360 TV through state-run seizures. One can say with certainty that editorial independence has been compromised if, as in Turkey, all media are owned by 10 major conglomerates, and two-thirds of it is in the hands of Erdogan.

And if one thinks this is an isolated incident, Sancak’s statements is neither the first nor the last to publicly reveal strange affection for Erdogan. Indeed, a day after his comments, an Erdogan male supporter waiting for the president to appear at a rally said to a news crew, “I would bite Recep Tayyip Erdogan and lick him” while another Erdogan female Muslim supporter, after cursing the opposition, declared herself and all those in the crowd to be blessed to become the “hair on Erdogan’s bottom”:

No one can argue that such a phenomenon of Erdogan worship is simply one or two isolated cases. An alleged supporter of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) welcomed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by chanting “Welcome, O Messenger of God,” a phrase commonly used to refer to the Prophet Muhammad, in the latest in a series of similar remarks attributing divine qualities to Erdoğan. In another example, AK Party Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin at one point said that touching Erdoğan is a form of prayer, while AK Party Düzce deputy Fevai Arslan said Erdoğan has all the attributes of God.

A billboard  was even erected for Erdogan’s birthday, February 26,  in the Gölbaşı district of adıyaman province inviting people to attend a “holy birthday” event to celebrate the birthday of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, except this celebration is not attributing the festivity for Erdogan as mere man, but as a holy prophet.


To say that Erdogan himself is innocent from what people attribute to him misses that it was Erdogan who allowed homosexual marriages while his Sunni Islamist party the AKP, opposes same-sex marriage. Erdoğan’s support for full equal rights for LGBT citizens stemmed from as far back as 2002, the year he launched his Islamist party.