Victory Against ISIS At Ramadi Is In Progress And ISIS Is Being Defeated (Hip Hip Hurray)

By Walid Shoebat

About 3,000 fighters begun moving against ISIS at Ramadi clearing Husayba, east of Ramadi from all ISIS vermin. This is crucial since Ramadi is only 70 miles west of Baghdad. Ramadi’s fall was a major embarrassment and setback, not only for the government of Iraq but also for the U.S.

After the latest losses against ISIS, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded with “are we going to light our hair on fire every time there is a setback on the campaign against ISIL (ISIS)?”

So now, as we see a victory at Ramadi, Obama will be expected to say “Hip hip hurray” after Earnest simply wrote off the failures by insisting that the White House simply needs to revisit its strategy. But the crucial question is, will this victory clear Obama’s failed record in Iraq?

The answer is NEVER.

Here is why. The operation which has begun near Ramadi in Anbar province is being carried out without much involvement by the Iraqi army, the very force that Obama used as his strategy to win against ISIS. The Iraqi army simply doesn’t have the determination to match the commitment of ISIS, and that the so-called Popular Mobilisation forces (Iran’s installment in Iraq) are the only force with the necessary religious drive and determination to win a war. History has proven that religion is the greatest motivator to win in any war. Without Christianity, we would have not won against Germany’s and Japan’s Antichrists.

This is a big problem for Obama who is viewed in the Middle East as a man chewing Khat. The majority of the volunteers are Shia Muslims, and there has been anxiety about using them in Anbar province, which is overwhelmingly Sunni.

obama qat copy

Obama photo shopped shown chewing Khat, a plant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Khat contains an amphetamine-like stimulant.

Both sides, ISIS and the Popular Mobilization have one thing in common: a religious conviction. The majority of the volunteers that fight ISIS are Shia Muslims who held more than half of Anbar Province, including the city of Falluja. Therefore, it does not matter whether ISIS wins or looses, it will always be that some fanatic Muslim of some sort who will occupy the lion’s share of the victory in either Syria or Iraq.

It matters little if American officials have progress in the Anbar Province, or even if we liberate the city of Mosul from ISIS: Shiite militias allied to Iran will then control Anbar. It matters not what some slick three-piece suit White House spokesperson says, the three ribs (provinces) of Iraq will be gulped up by the bear of Iran (Daniel 7:5), exactly as the Bible foretold which has been saying for years. The wars will always be religious.


Both Iraqi and American officials say it would be disastrous for a mostly Shiite-led force to begin assaulting towns in the Sunni-dominated area and today no one is attempting to defeat ISIS by limiting the militias’ involvement and in fact is completely dependent on it.

The sleeping U.S. will finally realize too late that its war on what they thought was Arab dictatorships were in reality declaring war on the very arch-enemy of ISIS: Arab Nationalism. Today the U.S. like a Johnny Come Lately has realized that the Arab Spring is an Islamist Winter, and when we initially told them that it is so, they wrote us off as a hopeless case of naysayers.

The only way left to save face for Obama is to support the Shiite militants who are overrunning Iraq and they have become too powerful for the US-backed Iraqi government to control. Every time US-air strikes drive ISIS out, the Shiite militias enter and unleash a wave of horrors on the Sunnis and defeating this mini-Calphate called ISIS will simply set the plan for Iran to establish its dream in a revival of its Persian Empire.

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