NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM: 50 employees of Minneapolis Airport Service company walk out after alleging they were ‘dissed’ by management

By BI: While the article does not identify them as Muslims, it’s apparent by the photograph that they are. Who else but Muslim crybabies protest because they feel that management was “disrespectful” toward them? (In other words, management won’t cater to their excessive religious demands during working hours)

Apparently all these employees are Somali Muslims

All these employees appear to be Somali Muslims

KSTP  Roughly 50 employees in protest of what they claim to be disrespectful management treatment walked off the job Tuesday at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Employees of Air Serv Facility Services, Inc.—a company that cleans and maintains aircrafts, arranges ground transportation and provides security services—said they are constantly disrespected by management.

“We want the other people to see that we are not OK, we are not happy,” Air Serv employee Idreis Dahir said. “These people are not happy with the management—the way they treat us, the way they talk to us.”

A representative of Air Serv declined to comment on the accusations. Additionally, a request to airport officials seeking comment on whether the walkout affected travelers at the airport was not immediately returned Tuesday.

Why in the world would any “airline” company want to put Muslims in direct contact with planes in the first place?

We’ve seen their little ‘victim’ game many times before:


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