ISIS Agent Living In North Carolina Organizes Mass Massacre Of 1000 Americans (ISIS IS NOW OFFICIALLY IN THE UNITED STATES)

By Walid Shoebat

Watching this video of Justin Sullivan says a lot about self-training for an ISIS lone wolf, something we have continually warned about. The Morganton convert to Islam teenager told an undercover FBI agent he planned to kill as many as 1,000 Americans in support of ISIS, according to documents released Monday. Neighbors now reveal that Justin Nojan Sullivan, 19, was training to become an ISIS lone wolf and was arrested Friday at his home, according to a release from the North Carolina U.S. Attorney’s Office.  (For more on investigation, charges, click here)


Sullivan’s destructive pattern was noticed when he wanted to destroy statues, and his desire to kill his parents. During conversations with an undercover agent, Sullivan had asked the agent to kill his parents and that he would send money and his parents’ location to the agent, an affidavit says.
Such a practice is not foreign to Islam, where the famous Hadith Biabi anta wa-ummi ya rasul-Allah, in English, “to thee [Oh prophet] I sacrifice my mother and father” has now become the vow of many. This slogan is not only said by ISIS but even by Turks who believe that parents can be sacrificed for the higher authority’s call:

“An Arabic proverb says, ‘May my parents be sacrificed for you.’ I say to Erdogan: May my mom, dad, wife and children be sacrificed for you.”

The criminal complaint against Sullivan says the agent made contact with Sullivan, who speaks some Arabic, on June 6 and the teenager told him he became a Muslim after he “started thinking about death and stuff.”  He said he was angry about U.S. airstrikes and planned revenge that would force them to stop.

On June 7, Sullivan shared plans to acquire an assault rifle, the complaint said.  Sullivan said to the agent, “Just kill a few people so that I know you are truthful.  Just shoot them and leave.  Wear a mask.  Do it at night.”  He also said, “I’ll kill people this month … I want a car bomb,” the complaint said.

He also desired to use a truck-bombs and owned 100 round magazines and wanted to use cyanide dipped bullets and biological weapons.

“1,000…Yes, I’m thinking about using biological weapons…Coat our bullets with cyanide…and then set off a gas bomb to finish off the rest…it’s easy to make,” the affidavit says Sullivan told the agent.

“Our attacks needs to be as big as possible…we can do minor assassinations before the big attack for training,” Sullivan said to the agent, according to documents. He talked about using a moving van filled with explosives and detonating it.

Sullivan, as it seems has done his research and wanted to do both, mass killing by exploding trucks, and mass biological attacks. had warned of ISIS using biological weapons in the U.S., and massive truck bombs which can be seen here. (see page 7-8 of FBI report)

The agent spoke with Sullivan again on June 8, the complaint said, and told him they would use homemade silencers on their weapons and would kill 500 people.

The conversation about silencers continued on June 9, according to the complaint, and Sullivan corrected his target number.  He said. “Five hundred is an incorrect body count for our attack.”  When asked what the correct number would be, he answered 1,000, and said he was “thinking about using biological weapons.”

Sullivan said, “Our attacks need to be as big as possible.  We can do minor assassinations before the big attack for training,” the complaint said.  “Our attack will be next month,” he said/ “I’ll be doing shooting of my own before then.  I’m excited.”

The complaint said Sullivan told the agent he needed the silencer “before the end of next week,” an apparent reference to June 19.

Sullivan spoke to the agent on June 15, and said he was angry about 18 airstrikes that had happened that day.  The complaint said Sullivan and the agent agreed to ship the silencer by U.S. Postal Service because it was “best because laws protect the mail.”  The agent agreed that he would write “Happy Birthday” on the package for security purposes.

Agents said they observed Sullivan at the local library reading a hard-bound book they later determined was “The History of al Qaeda.”

The complaint said the FBI built a functional silencer that they shipped to the home Sullivan shared with his parents in Morganton home June 19.  His mother retrieved it from the mailbox.  Later that day, the FBI searched the home and found the silencer hidden under plastic in a crawlspace that was accessible from the crawlspace of the home.

Sullivan was arrested and interviewed after he was advised of his rights.  The complaint says Sullivan admitted planning terrorist attacks, and that he talked to the undercover agent about attacks at a bar or a concert, at places that were “not very far away.”  He admitted that he looked online yellow pages for places to attack.

Sullivan told agents he planned attacks between Sunday and Tuesday of this week while his parents were away, according to the complaint.

So far in 2015, dozens of suspected ISIS supporters have been arrested by the FBI. Justin Sullivan is the 52nd person to be linked to ISIS style activity in US in 2015 alone. The most recent was Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, a Phoenix man who was indicted on federal charges related to his alleged role in the failed May terror attack on the “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas, that left the two gunmen dead. This gets to show what type of mess we are in and how fortunate the U.S. is, so far. Knock on wood.

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