Pope Francis Asks Protestant Christians For Forgiveness, For All Of The Persecutions The Catholic Church Did Against Protestants

By Theodore Shoebat


Pope Francis asked for forgiveness from a group of Protestants called Waldensians, who have been in Italy since the Middle Ages. The request for forgiveness was done on account of all of the supposed persecution that the Catholic Church committed against them in the Middle Ages. In the statement Francis said:

On the part of the Catholic Church, I ask your forgiveness, I ask it for the non-Christian and even inhuman attitudes and behavior that we have showed you… In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us!

Whatever the motivation may be, the Catholic Church owns no apology, nor is it obligated to ask for forgiveness, from the Waldensians. The Waldensians were a dangerous cult that wanted were bent on expanding and advancing their insidious beliefs that would have crippled Christendom if they were ever widely subscribed to.

All of the conservative Christians in America, who for the Second Amendment and the death penalty, should have no problem seeing the Waldensians as a pernicious group. If they were alive today, they would be a very large cult, reminiscent to the social gospel and socialist or communist churches that we see today, who fight against capital punishment and Second Amendment.

The Waldensians were against any sort of killing, even if it was righteous, they believed it had to be prohibited. They also believed that Christianity could have absolutely no involvement in the government, which is exactly what the atheist leftists want for America and the West now. It is because of such a destructive believe that homosexuality and infanticide has been legislated by the state, since atheism and darwinism is now filling the vacuum that was formed after Christian influence was removed.

Anyone seeing the absence of Christian dominated influence in the US government today, knows the danger of such beliefs. And what type of politicians are empowering such evil edicts? It is not people who explicitly call themselves atheist, but Christians. As is the nature of all heretics, they call themselves Christians and work very hard to remove or hinder any Christian influence in the state. This removal of Christian influence leads to the legalization of very evil things, such as abortion, homosexual “marriage,” pornography, and all sorts of other perversions.

The hatred toward Christian influence over government amongst certain cults is nothing but a heretical form of anarchism, and it is such mindsets that enable tyrannies; for a government absent of Christianity, is a government filled with devil-worship. To remove Christianity from the state, is to only leave a void ever-ready to be filled by some diabolical scheme that is always contriving to tyrannize Christians.

This destructive belief was enthusiastically held by both the Anabaptists and the Waldensians. They were seditious in their ideology, and believed that government law was evil because “the obligation of the laws removes Christian freedom” and that “the end of the civil laws is external peace.” (Bellarmine, On Laymen or Secular People, ch. 9, ed. Tutino, pp. 34-35)

Many today argue that the Waldensians were people of peace, but how could that be so when they were fanatically pushing for such a revolutionary ideology, that would have overturned the government and shattered Christendom into anarchy? The Waldensians also believed that once a civil ruler was in a state of mortal sin then he has lost all right to rule. (See Vitoria, On the American Indians, question 1, article 2)

Such a fanatical belief would have only led to sedition. Most people think that if the followers of a religion aren’t personally hurting anyone then that is indicative to a peaceful religion. This is the modern heresy of indifferentism, and it has enabled every evil ideology and religion to thrive. The Waldensians didn’t have to kill anyone to be recognized as dangerous; the fact that they believed in no government evidenced that they were indeed dangerous. If their cult was permitted to inculcate itself, then it would have eventually led to a violent revolution against the state, or the enabling of dangerous forces to takeover the government and legislate anti-Christian laws.

Overall, Francis asking for forgiveness from the Waldensians — when there is no forgiveness due — does nothing good, it only shows weakness.