AMAZING VIDEO: An American Sniper Leaves Everything Behind, To Become A Soldier For Christ, Sacrifices Everything, Trains An Army Of Christians And Defeats ISIS

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Photo of Brett Felton (Shoebat Exclusive)


By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

“I’m not here serving my country – I’m here serving Christians,” Brett Felton once told CBS 60 Minutes. But whatever has been told by the secular media, Brett says is not the full story. What you will watch here is a rare breathtaking interview including footage on the Christian fighters Brett trained. connected hearts with this American sniper to let him speak about what has never been told before regarding the realities of how Christians in Iraq fight valiantly and also how they suffer being sold out by the Kurds (watch video below).

There are no words to describe Brett’s heroism, his deep inner wisdom and his child-like heart, which can all be seen through his eyes as he expresses his inner soul.

Like any American youngster from the east coast, this kid from Detroit initially thought it cool to have  tattoos, joined the U.S. armed forces and fought in Iraq witnessing first hand the error of U.S. intervention to remove Saddam Hussein and how later Obama abandoned Iraq completely leaving behind it’s Christian community to fend for themselves. So Brett took the mantle where it was left-off.

Initially, Christ and religion were not even on his mind as he miraculously survived an IED explosion. He knew very little about Christianity or about Iraq being the cradle of his Christian heritage, until of course, he was suddenly jolted by the rude awakening having witnessed the suffering of the Christians there. He describes how Christians were sold out enduring beheadings, pillage, rape and utter misery. Instead of going home to his weeping mother, Brett quickly learned how to speak Arabic blending  in the culture to become a suffering saint willing to be martyred for the cause of Christ. In this amazing footage, watching Brett spill his heart out in a never before told story, will not only bring tears, but will expose how the Kurds abandoned the Christians and sold them out to get raped and beheaded by ISIS. He speaks of loneliness and how churches and governments abandoned them in their plight to save Christianity in Iraq. He is truly a warrior mystic. conducted an exclusive interview that will leave your heart and mind impacted:



Brett was key in aiding and training his Christian comrades in Iraq. He is an American hero who became  one of the leading foreign fighters in the Dwekh Nawsha Christian Militia training them on how to fight against whom Brett calls “cowardly ISIS”.




“The world is abandoning us” Brett laments adding “and we need help, who is going to help us?” He later adds profound wisdom from above: “dying is the easiest thing you will ever do … I laugh at it … but the biggest battle of them all is making the world care”.

“Convincing the world to care is more difficult than being killed for Christ” says Brett.

He describes the material world and ends with a beautiful nugget: “how do you make a people care in the first world? They go to work, they have a Mercedes, and they have a BMW, they have a nice house, what do they want? Do you know why I cry? I don’t cry because my friends die – in this I rejoice in the Lord – I cry because people want a nicer car. People want a bigger house. People want this and that. They want everything that means nothing”.

“They want everything that means nothing”, how profound.

Brett found the secret for his existence. “I will sacrifice everything in this world that I love for what I believe … carrying your cross is the most rewarding thing you will ever do in this life and the next” he says.

And if the material world is not all you seek, you can help Brett (by donating to him here). Rescue Christians will adopt his cause and deliver to him your gifts. Everything you donate to him, 100% will go to his noble cause as he tours the world in search for the suffering Christians. Please circulate this saint’s story that will awaken any Christian soul to see how the New Testament becomes alive in the life of this great American hero.