Major Islamic Gang Enters The Home Of A Christian Family, Grabs A Young Girl, Points A Pistol On Her Head And Kidnaps Her. They Make Her Into A Slave, She Begs Them To Release Her, And They Tell Her, “Your Family Is Dead To You,” They Then Take A Baton And Beat Her Over The Head

By Theodore Shoebat

A Muslim gang in Pakistan broke into the home of a Christian family and kidnapped the daughter, Chanda, at gunpoint. They later sold her into slavery. She wept and wept, begging her slaver owners to return back to her family, but they callously told her, “Your family dead it to you.” They even took a baton and beat her over the head. Our team in Pakistan, Rescue Christians, interviewed Chanda and she recounted to us:

One day they sent three men to our home at midnight who threatened me on gunpoint that they would kill my family if I would try to shout. They told me to go with them quietly and asked me to open the door. They put me in a car where they made me smell something on a handkerchief and I fell unconscious.

Chanda begged her abductors to send her back to her family, but they callously told her that she was sold and that she had to live and die where she is. As Chanda herself recounted in a video interview that our organization, Rescue Christians, did:

When I gained consciousness, I asked the people around me that if they were those who had abducted me. Those people replied to me that they (the abductors) had sold me to them for one hundred thousand rupees. They (the abductors) had left me there and after gaining consciousness, I used to cry and insist those persons to send me back to my family. But they said that since I had been sold to them for 100,000 Pakistani rupees (PKR), so I had to live and die there and I should forget my family.

Chanda cried to them, asking them with lamentation, “How can anyone forget their loved ones?” The Muslim captors severely beat her and abused her, and told her that she must be their slave, that she must labor all day. The wife of the slave owner, who exhibited exceptional cruelty, demanded to the girl that she finish all of the work poured on her, and that until she complete all of the labors, she could not eat anything.

So here she was, working all day in this grueling labor, not eating anything. Even though she had to endure a most wearying malnourishment, she still had to undergo the immense labor of a slave. This was truly cult abuse. One day her slave owners took a baton and with great force beat her over the head with it. They would incessantly tell her that because they had spent 100,000 Pakistani rupees on her, that she must work all throughout the day, and that she would never be free until they got their money back. Not only was she malnourished, but was made to suffer through sleep deprivation. Her captors would at numerous times force her to work even in the latest hours of the night. As Chanda recounted one dark memory:

I used to cry a lot there, missing my father and my family. They used to beat me a lot and one day when I was missing my father and I was crying, they asked me why I was crying. I said that I want to go back to my family but they said that my family is now dead for me.

When Chanda recounted this to our team, she broke down in tears, the burden of such a dismal memory being unbearable for her. Here is the video, watch it and you can see what pain these people go through:

One day as Chanda was sweeping the floor she found a cell phone on the floor. She immediately used it to call her brother, Asif. She told him of all of the suffering she was going through and begged him to rescue her. Asif asked her for the address, and she simply told him that she was in a mansion and that adjacent to the mansion was a road. Asif contacted the police, but they were just as corrupt as the Islamic captors. The police demanded from Asif and his family that they give them 5000 Pakistani rupees to conduct a rescue mission.

The Christian family had to borrow money, and they gave the money demanded to the police. The family soon found out that the kidnapping of Chanda was part of a much larger criminal entity within Pakistan; it was interconnected with a gang of Muslims who walk the streets preying on Christian girls, who they kidnap and sell for money in different parts of Pakistan. There is a female member of the gang whose job it is to spy on Christian families, collecting information not just about the families, but more specifically, about the girls in the families. Once the woman submitted the info to the gang, then the predators go in and snatch the girl.

Chanda’s family found out about the woman whose husband, Muhammad Yousaf, is the gang leader. Believe it or not, the gang established a location across from the home of the Christian family (hence how they were spying on them). Chanda’s younger brother spotted the woman near her locality. He began shouting at her, attracting lots of attention, and the local people gathered around. The police arrived and arrested her, and as they were apprehending her she began to shout that she never committed any crimes.

The police interrogated her and she admitted that the girl was with her husband, the gang leader, Muhammad Yousaf. They found out the location of where she was being held captive and said that they were going to raid the home. Chanda’s father expressed his desire to accompany the police, but they refused him this. The family protested, demanding that they allow them to come to the raid. The police yelled all sorts of abuses at them, saying that they were just mistrusting them.

They arrested the abductor, Muhammad Yousaf, and brought him before Chanda’s family. He told the family that he had sold Chanda for 100,000 Pakistani rupees (PKR). The police told the family that they would rescue the girl if they give them 50,000 PKR. The family told them police that they could not afford it; they had to borrow 20,000 PKR and gave it to the police. The police said that they will do the raid by night; the family wanted to go, but the police refused them this. The family did not even know if they went on the raid or not, the police just kept giving them empty promises, and asking for 30,000 PKR. Once the family paid them this money, then the police said that they were going to get the girl in two days.

The police returned, only to tell the horrified family that their daughter had converted to Islam, and that she will not be rescued, since she was happy in her new Islamic family. The slave owner of Chanda refused to let her go unless the family pay him 100,000 PKR. Chanda’s family, desperate, took a loan and payed him and Chanda was let go.

The kidnapper of the girl, Muhammad Yousaf, demanded that the girl be returned to her. He kept on harassing Chanda’s family. The family went to the police and asked for protection, but they did nothing. Nobody in the police wanted to help and the family was left, abandoned and helpless.

Our team in Pakistan paid off the loan of 100,000 PKR and liberated the family from such a financial burden. Our team has also made a petition demanding protection for Chanda and her family. We also moved her and her family to another location where they are safe and secured.

100,000 Pakistani rupees is only $1000. This is how much a human life is considered to be worth in Islamic society. With just a small amount we were able to help rescue this Christian family, and it is all thanks to you, the generous readers and donors, that these lives were liberated from their hellish enslavement. Just a $1000, thats it. I’ve seen people spend more than that in a restaurant. It costs less money to rescue a human life than it is to buy a video game console. It does not take much. It takes very little, in fact.

Remember the woman who gave just two coins, and what Christ said of her:

Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had. (Luke 21:3-4)

Even if you have just a little to give, your small amount of money is the world to these poor people we are helping. Give little that you can, and you give everything.

Fulfill the command of our Lord to visit Him when He is hungry, to dress Him when He is naked, to give Him drink when He is thirsty, for He “He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, And He will pay back what he has given.” (Proverbs 19:17) When you care for the persecuted, you care for Christ, for He is united with them.

So please, donate what you can, and your money will most definitely be used to save Christian lives.