We Told You That The Muslim Kurds Are NOT YOUR FRIENDS And Are Killing Christians. Now Europe Arrests A Bunch Of Kurdish Terrorists.

By Walid Shoebat

The western brainwashing says that because the Muslim Kurds are fighting ISIS, that all of the sudden they instantly became the friends of Christians. If so, perhaps an ‘expert’ can guide us to show a single situation where westerners armed any Muslim group that the end result was love, peace and harmony? No one can deny it, that from Afghanistan to Syria, the stupid West after arming and welcoming Muslims, not once did they have a positive outcome.

Westerners who do not even know how to pronounce Ansar Al-Islam or how Kurds played a major role in annihilating Christians in history, ridiculed us last month, for writing on the subject, and now these Johnny come lately read the headlines that european law enforcement authorities announced today on Thursday that they had broken up a Norway-based Kurdish recruitment ring that recruited Kurds via the Internet and sent them to fight in Iraq and Syria alongside with ISIS. Thirteen people were arrested in Italy, Britain and Norway.

Italian Carabinieri Gen. Giuseppe Governale called it “the most important police operation in Europe in 20 years.”

When will the West ever learn that the Kurds are Muslim.

Italian authorities said the ideological leader of the ring was Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, known as Mullah Krekar, who was already in prison in Norway. He had been a founder of the now-defunct Ansar al-Islam terrorist group. Ansar Al-Islam is not of recent origin. It was established in in villages it controlled around Biyara to the northeast of Halabja near the Iranian border. These terrorists operate high up in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, a small but powerful Islamist group with links to al-Qaida which has created havoc in the region. The group also develops toxic agents such as cyanide gas and ricin. Ansar al-Islam started life as Jund al-Islam, a radical offshoot of an Iranian-backed Kurdish Islamic group, based in Halabjah which was also the scene of one of Saddam’s chemical weapons attack in 1988 where western bleeding hearts gave sympathy, without comprehending the intricacies of the war between Islamists and Arab nationalists like the needed ruthless Saddam Hussein. Few know of the desires by many Sunni Kurds aiming to install an Islamic caliphate in Iraqi Kurdistan which merged with ISIS last year.

Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, known as Mullah Krekar, is seen in a court in Oslo

Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, known as Mullah Krekar, is seen in a court in Oslo, Norway, Aug. 14, 2015.

Once living in exile in Norway, Krekar formed another group, Rawti Shax, to educate a new generation of Iraqi Kurds in Europe to eventually return to violently overthrow the government in the Iraqi Kurdish region and replace it with a radical caliphate, Italian police said in a statement.

He developed a network of followers across Europe in Italy, Britain and Norway.

Police said Rawti Shax created a virtual university online to recruit potential terrorists, and a secret committee discussed attacks against Norwegian diplomats and lawmakers to negotiate Krekar’s freedom.

Norway and the United States have accused Krekar of financing Ansar al-Islam. But instead of quickly executing such terrorists, the western systems prefers to let them go free: “If this means that Krekar leaves Norway, that’s fine,” said the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, speaking from Valettta, Malta, where she was taking part in an European Union summit on the migrant crisis.

Western stupidity at times pays for what it pussyfoots with since almost all these terrorists head right back into circulation as we have seen from Obama’s Gitmo experiments.

While many would condemn us saying that we should not be making generalized statements about the kurds, the other side of the coin must ask; why westerners also generalize, painting the Muslim Kurds all of the sudden as the beacon for freedom and tolerance towards Christians?

If the east is to be painted as more crafty than the west, the west is to be painted as plainly stupid. This even includes many who claim Christianity. Britt Kvaran is one of these who “preached the gospel”. She worked extensively to challenge the Norwegians’ view of the Kurdish Mullah Krekar.


Britt Kvaran on the left, Krekar on the right

“The Krekar I met, appeared as a very gracious man” she says, typical of western attitudes who judge people on the basis of ‘niceness’. “The encounter with the self-proclaimed mullah become part of her book project. A book about Christian xenophobia for Muslims” says the liberal Norwegian paper Dagen. “Kvaran tells of a long meeting with a lovable man and his son … they drank tea and his son interpreted when his father had to resort to Arabic to find the words …”.

It is the typical claptrap where one is served to drink camel urine unaware. The rest of her claims are not worth discussing which fills the silos of media camel dung.

We read this type of thing daily which causes easterners to conclude two choices, actually three; we either quit our sympathies over western suffering from terrorists, or we give up trying to lead the stubborn donkey to the safe barn, or we resort to beating the donkey and force him to think and risk of being reported to PETA.


It should actually read one billion stupid westerners who are committing suicide

We even find the literal donkey much wiser. While the eastern side of the coin for decades said “do not mess with cobras, defanged or otherwise,” the western side of the coin, the stupid donkey, kicks backwards trying to hurt only us, while they love to promote the complete myth that Kurds are “peaceful Muslims”. Truth is, that in the Levant, Kurdish parties choose to compromise with Islamic parties more than with Christians. In the Nineveh Plain for example, in the former Assyria, neither the Muslim Arabs nor the Muslim Kurds want to lose this area to ISIS because of the potential oil fields under the ground and throughout Syria, especially in the Northern region of Hasakah. While no one blames the Kurds for fighting ISIS, few focus on the Christians who have been suffering the process of the “Kurdification” of Syria which has been condemned by Human Rights agencies.

If one searches “kurds” on Google there is over eight million hits ranging from “Kurdish rights for self-autonomy,” “how they have been betrayed,” and “how we should all work with them for the sake of bettering humanity,” including the western favorite; how we should partner with them to “destroy ISIS”. But when one searches for the word “kurdification” in Google, it becomes surprising to find a miserable six thousand hits. Why? No one really cares about the Assyrian Christians. All the media hoopla westerners watched when ISIS threw Christians out by the droves was simply used as an excuse to arm more Muslims (the Kurds) to supposedly “combat ISIS”. Besides the huge influx of Kurdish terrorists, this week, the United States has blocked any weapons from reaching a Christian militia in Iraq.

Try it. Search the word “Kurdification” it will help wake you up on how narrow the road to is between myth and fact. One ‘fact’ is, that Kurdification is a cultural change in which something ethnically non-Kurdish is forced to become Kurdish, a very similar process to when Germans started the process of Nazification of all of Germany. Kurdification is usually used  in contexts of post-Saddam Iraq, particularly in relation to Assyrian ChristiansIraqi Turkmen and the Shabak people.

And just as the Nazi threat was not recognized until it consumed much flesh in the crematoria, few today focus that during this process of Kurdification, the militant Kurdish groups, like the YPG (the pride of the west) have been doing like the Nazis; systematically driving Assyrian Christians from their lands and villages. This process to end the Assyrian Christians can be viewed from the Assyrian Democratic Party of Syria exposing the case by which it issued statements in which they condemned the process of a Kurdish land-grab, specifically an unjust and illegal law passed by the Legislative Council of Kurdish Self Governance which claims the right to take control of land owned by those who have been forced to flee the violence in Syria. (1)

So there are your ‘nice Kurds’. And we’re not simply talking about small isolated groups here. The YPG (People’s Protection Units KurdishYekîneyên Parastina Gel) are the main armed service of the Kurdish Supreme Committee in the government of Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). The YPG are primarily Kurdish, but also uses Arabs, Turks, and even Assyrian Christian units integrated into its command structure (just as the Nazis also recruited Jews) and is affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is listed as a terrorist organisation by the United States, the European Union and NATO.

No one is listening to the few voices that warn. Assyrian Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) Dr. Jamil Hanna complained that “arming [Muslim] Kurds was a mistake in the first place and their presence around 35 some Christian villages simply brought ISIS to their area. The U.S.-Coalition instead of arming the Assyrian Christians who are able to defend themselves armed the Kurds [instead]”. He added that “the U.S. coalition should not concentrate on arming Kurds while ignoring all the other sects of what makes up the Syrian society”.

Ten per cent of Iraq’s population is made up of minority communities. Some of these groups have lived in Iraq for two millennia or more. There is now a real fear that they will not survive the current conflict and their unique culture and heritage in Iraq may be extinguished forever. (2)

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, minorities make up approximately 30 per cent of the 1.8m Iraqi refugees now seeking sanctuary in Jordan, Syria and across the world. Yet these minorities are ignored in the influx of refugee hordes gushing into Europe who are mostly violent Muslims while at times Christians were even thrown overboard of ships. The dragon of Turkey is simply gushing forth the flood (of immigrants) to consume the sheep and no one reads it predicted two millennia ago in The Book of Revelation 11-12. To consider an ancient book passé has consequences; live a movie the night of the living dead:

Westerners do not see it until they themselves experience the phenomenon of the night of the living dead. To the Kurds, Christian minorities are specifically targeted for eradication for their faith and ethnicity. Christians are at risk because their faith associates them with the West and with the MNF-I (Multi National Force in Iraq). And just like Europeans, the traditional trade of this community as alcohol-sellers also makes them a target. And just like Nazi Kristallnacht who in the media spoke of when in 2011 department stores and salons owned by Christians in Zakho were burned in broad daylight, without any reaction from the police or army.

All of Iraq’s minority communities have suffered Nazi style violations since 2003 which include: 1) destruction and defacement of religious buildings 2) mass murder of congregations gathered in and around them 3) abduction 4) ransoming and murder of religious and civic leaders and individuals 5) children forced conversion to Islam using tactics such as death threats, rape and forced marriage.

So far Iraq’s fledgling democratic processes which the United States imposed have presented problems for minorities. During the 2005 elections, members of minority groups reported violence, intimidation and lack of access to polling booths. The new Constitution – approved in a 2005 referendum – was drafted with little participation from minority groups. Though it is progressive in many respects, it is alarmingly vague on the role Islam will play in the future Iraqi state – placing a question-mark over issues of religious freedom.

According to the UNHCR, the Kurdish parties and their armed forces (YPG, Peshmerga) have carried out acts of violence committed in areas under their control against ethnic religious minorities. Kurdish parties have been actively seeking to incorporate these areas into the Region of Kurdistan. Many ethnic minorities have charged that Kurdish political parties and military forces have subjected them to violence, forced assimilation, discrimination, political marginalization, arbitrary arrests and detention. (see detailed reports here, herehere, here).

In the Region of Kurdistan, while “honour killings” are considered crimes under local law, yet they continue to occur in high numbers, often concealed as accidents, suicides or suicide attempts. Forced or early marriages are of concern and female genital mutilation (FGM) is prevalent in some areas.

In the Christian areas, the process of Kurdification can be seen everywhere. The Assyrian flag is not allowed to be used in towns and villages even where only Assyrians live. Inside and outside the Kurdish Regional Government area Assyrians may not use their own political symbols. During parades for the Assyrian New Year, Assyrian Christians are not allowed to use banners with slogans that Kurds consider politically sensitive. Everything has to sound as everyone lives in “peace” and “brotherhood” with permission in advance from the Kurdistan Democratic Party and everything is checked in advance. Most Assyrian villages must demonstrate loyalty to the Kurds by showing the Kurdish flag. In the past, Assyrian Christians fearing  oppression had to have the pictures of Saddam Hussein displayed in church buildings to now simply be replaced with Masoud Barzani. Saddam has been swapped for Barzani and the Ba’ath party for the KDP.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency, when Mosul fell to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on June 11, Arab members of the Iraqi police stationed in Assyrian villages throughout north Iraq abandoned their positions, leaving only the Kurds and the few Assyrians to protect the villages against ISIS. The Kurds seized the opportunity to begin the Kurdification process of all areas where minorities lived. They took control of Christian Assyrian villages, as well as the villages of Yezidis and Shabaks, raising Kurdish flags on government buildings and checkpoints in the Christian Assyrian villages of Alqosh, Qaraqosh, Bartella, Karemlesh, Baashiqa, Tel Keppeh, Telsqop, Batnaya, Baghdeda, Ainsifneh/Shekhan, Sharafya, Dashqutan, Karanjo and Pirozawa.

Kurdish flag at the checkpoint on the road to the Assyrian town of Alqosh, north Iraq.

Kurdification is also a process of Islamization. In villages that where exclusively Christian, the Kurdification process included building mosques to encourage Muslim settlement in those areas while in the Assyrian district of ‘Ankawa are strategically funded by Islamic financiers so that Muslims would settle there and many large plots of Assyrian lands has been appropriated by the government for Kurdish projects. Even the Erbil Airport was part of ‘Ankawa, which was inhabited almost exclusively by Assyrian Christians. When Christian families want to escape from Mosul, real estate agents refused to sell their properties fearing for their own lives from the Kurdish militias that kept an eye and didn’t allow them to help Christians causing the homes to sell for 70% less than fair market value.

Assyrian Christians who were not complying with strict Islamic values and traditions have been subjected to discrimination, threats, kidnappings, mutilations and killings. Those who have been victimized include women who fail to dress appropriately, drive cars or work outside the home; men who shave their beards, wear shorts or have long hair or wear “inappropriate” clothing.

And just as the Kurds and the Turks did to the Armenians during the Armenian and Assyrian genocides, a number of Assyrian girls are forced by Kurdish criminal organizations to work in prostitution. If they refuse, they are threatened with death. Many of them are vulnerable refugees from the south with little family in the north. These criminal organizations have ties with political leaders. Therefore it is easy to quickly force these girls with passports, and to send them to EU countries to work there in the night districts.


Armenian woman with identification scarring (1919) In the 1920s, thousands of Armenian girls and women managed to escape the Genocide of their people by feeling to Syria. They were kept in slavery and forced into prostitution. In order to identify them and prevent their escape, their pimps tattooed their face and arms. The girl in the photo was rescued and cared for by the Y.W.C.A. workers at Aleppo

The Kurdification process also includes direct attacks by the Kurdish Peshmerga against Christian villages. In June 2013, Rabatki, a village in the Iraqi Kurdistan region was attacked by General Aref al-Zebari using armed Peshmerga soldiers funded by the Iraqi national budget. Assyrian Christians are not allowed in these units to protect their people. And just the Nazis, The Kurdification process also includes the prohibition for Assyrians to buy government-built houses or to work as police or soldiers. Civil servants, journalist at major newspapers and TV stations, judges and senior positions within educational institutions cannot comprise of any Assyrians regardless of giving loyalty to the Kurdish parties. Assyrian history is not recognized, but is rather transformed as Kurdish history in museums, books and during memorial days and all excavations in northern Iraq are labeled by authorities as Kurdish even in textbooks while Kurdish militias regularly use important cultural heritage sites for target  practice. (4)

Even the Assyrian newspapers and the Satellite channel “Ishtar TV” which existed prior to the process are absolutely not allowed to post political articles or broadcast politically-related programs. If a church is bombed, there are no images allowed of the bombing or anything allowed from broadcasting or victims expressing their emotions. People who do not feel safe, or lost their land in the Kurdish Regional Government area may not be interviewed under no circumstance.

The Kurdification process of minorities is similar to the Nazification of Germany prior to the Holocaust. With Turkey lurking at the horizon with its neo-Ottoman dream, these Christian minorities as we foresee will be eradicated in a repeat of what happened during the Ottoman dark and unconfessed history. While in Germany few foresaw it coming and fled before it all happened, we foresee the same scenario that men of good-will recognize it after it is too late and Christians must act now. Click here to make a donation that will save christian lives.


(1) Restore Nineveh Now stands with the Assyrian Democratic Party of Syria in opposition to this illegal and unjust attempt to push Assyrians off their land, especially in this time of war and distress.

Statement of the ADP on YPG-PKK property law_1

Statement of the ADP on YPG-PKK property law_2

Statement of the ADP on YPG-PKK property law_3

Statement of the ADP on YPG-PKK property law_4

Statement of the ADP on YPG-PKK property law_5(2) Preti Taneja is a journalist specializing in human rights. She is a regular contributor to a range of international print, web-based and audio media. As a filmmaker she has produced and directed a number of human rights documentaries. She holds a degree in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge.

(3) Haaretz newspaper on 24 December 2010.

(4) See “Treasures of ancient civilization in North Iraq are threatened –Modification of historical landscape must stop,” Assyrian Council of Europe press release, 07 July 2012