Satan Worshippers Attack Christian Pastor, Beat Him Over The Head And Light His Whole Body On Fire. They Find His Body Completely Scorched To Be A Pastor Is Very Dangerous

By Theodore Shoebat 

The most dangerous place in the Western world to be a pastor is Mexico. Violence towards priests has increased by 400% in Mexico, since Nieto became president, and the violence is only getting more and more severe, worse than Iraq even. Another priest was murdered just a few days ago.

Fr. Erastus Pliego de Jesus, pastor of St. Mary of the Nativity in the small town of Cuyuaco was martyred. The savage pagans hit him in the head and burned his body. He went missing for some days and his corpse was discovered in the countryside surrounding the site of the kidnapping. A statement from the church’s diocese stated:

The Archdiocese deeply regrets that a priest, whose life was devoted to God and to the service of others, was the victim of violence

There are so many martyrs in Mexico, so many martyrdoms happening in this country. This is the 11th priest murdered in Mexico since 2013.  The criminals and pagans who kill these priests are part of cartels and criminal gangs, and they murder these Christians because they are an obstacle to their evil goals of inundating Mexico with narcotics and heathenism.

In 2013 Fr. Jose Flores Preciado was murdered in the Church of Christ the King in Colima. The criminals entered the church and beat him to death.

Fr. Jose Flores Preciado, martyr

Fr. Jose Flores Preciado, martyr

In July of the same year Ignacio Alvarez Cortez was killed in Baja California.



Fr. Hipólito Villalobos Lima and Nicolas De la Cruz Martinez were both murdered by criminals who stabbed and beat them to death.


Just a few months ago Fr. Javier Gutierrez Diaz was martyred. Pagan savages attacked him and murdered him. His body was found with bullet wounds in his head, near the villages of Ojo de Agua de Ballesteros and San Nicolas de la Condesa in Guanajuato.

Fr. Javier Gutierrez Diaz

Fr. Javier Gutierrez Diaz

All of these priests are being murdered for righteousness’ sake. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10) And who are we to say that these men are not not martyrs? They died for righteousness! ISIS is murdering priests, but priests are being butchered right before eyes right next door, across the border. Who in these big Christian companies and industrial ministries who is talking about this? None of them. This is why it is our duty to get the word out and exclaim the cause of the Christians of Mexico so that American Christians will know about it. 

Today is the month dedicated to Fr. Miguel Pro, a priest who was martyred by the anti-Christian government of Plutarco Elias Calles, 88 years ago on November 23, 1927. He was killed because he refused to bow down to the demonic and devil worshipping  forces that took over Mexico. On November 18 officers broke into his parents’ home as he was asleep and arrested him and his whole family. Miguel’s brother, Humberto, told the police that he wished to go to confession before leaving, and Miguel resisted the police until this demand was made. He looked to his two brothers, Humberto and Roberto, and said,

From this moment let us offer our lives to God for the Church in Mexico, and let us do it, all three, in a way that God may accept the sacrifice.

All three brothers, like the three Hebrews arrested in Babylon, and like the Apostles before them, were cast into prison and were about to come before several judges. “And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.” (Matthew 10:18) And surely were these words of our Savior manifested in these three saints. They were at a lost as to what they were going to say to the judges, but Miguel told them,

God said that when we met our judges we are not hesitate to answer, for the Holy Ghost would aid us.

All of a sudden the their fears and worries were cast away, they became free from fear, in their persecution they were born again, having the One Who rose from death with them; they took no thought for the morrow (Matthew 6:34). They laughed, they smiled, they joked, they conversed, as though death was never coming, for the eternal path was before them.  They were in prison for six days, and those were six days of bliss. They prayed,  and spoke with God, as Christ spoke with His Father before His sacrifice.  Miguel, even before death, never ceased to be charitable. He gave his food away to the other prisoners and even gave cigarettes to the soldiers.

One of the jailers approached Miguel and expressed his doubts about Christianity and said that he was entering a secret society cult. Miguel spoke with him and about the Faith and the seeds of truth were sowed upon his soul and heart. Suddenly Miguel turned to his brothers and said:

“This morning all three of us are going to be shot. Don’t worry; rather let us thank God that we have been chosen, let us renew our offering, and let us pardon our enemies.”

The chief came to the three Christians and found them joking amongst themselves, and jumping up and down as to warm up their bodies on account of the cold. Miguel was taken out of the prison and soon all three were condemned to death. They took Miguel to the front of a wall of the prison yard. He knelt and focused on his Crucifix; he pardoned his enemies; he refused to be blindfolded; he arose, and stretched out his arms in the form of a cross, to become an image of Christ. He cried out, ” Viva Cristo Rey, Long live Christ the King!” The guns were fired and bullets ripped right through him; as the whip ripped Christ’s flesh, as the nails pieced His hands, as the thorns cut His divine head, so Miguel was crucified with Him on that day. The other two shared the same martyrdoms and were given their crowns of glory.

Miguel and his brothers were killed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI; this is the same party ruling Mexico now under the presidency of  Enrique Pena Nieto, and the government is working with the criminals and cartels to destroy Christian Mexico. This is why so many priests are being killed and so many thousands of Christians have been butchered by the drug cults. Thousands of peasants and farmers in Mexico have risen up and are fighting the cartels, and they have taken back much land which was stolen by the cartels, and have returned them back to the people. This militia is called Las Autodefensas (the Self-Defenders) and they are worthy of our support.

Right now is helping the victims of the cartels, women whose husbands have been butchered, left as widows. The Scripture tells us

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27)

Please help these poor people in Mexico who no one really cares for.