“Prepare For War” Sweden’s Top General Releases Internal Memo Saying Military Conflict Is Unavoidable


Alluding to internal threats from Muslim “refugees” who will not integrate and territorial disputes with Russia, Sweden’s top military general Anders Branstrom answered questions about an internal military document made public  that he expects Sweden will find herself “unavoidably” in a war that may be both civil and external. From the Aftonbladet and Expressen with thanks to Zero Hedge:

Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Anders Brännström, says an internal document that the Swedish defense after the deal is facing new challenges.

Brännström writes that “the strategic timeout, Afghanistan doctrine and the rapid reaction force” is relegated to the history books. 

Sweden has since 2000 an operational defense rather than defense against invasion. Invasion defense was designed to meet the large-scale military attack in contrast to the smaller and more agile response system.

The Armed Forces have also put more resources in international efforts in the 2000s, which Brännström now saying is the big change.

“The business environment situation we are experiencing and which is also shown by the strategic decision leads to the conclusion that we could be at war within a few years. For us, the army comes to with all the force we can muster implement it as shown by the political decisions.” he writes.

It is against this background that the Army Combat Days 2016, to be seen. It is an extraordinary significantly seriousness of our business now compared to the past. All of the army and all who support us need to unite in the work for a better warfare capability.”

Anders Brännström notes that Parliament’s decision on the Armed Forces’ activities in the period 2016-2020 meant that “the requirement of ability for armed combat against a skilled opponent was clear.”

The objective is, according to the army chief, to create a “threshold effect against military attack and ultimately defend Sweden”.