The Debate And The Attacks By Losers Against Donald Trump Pissed Off Millions Of Americans And Sealed The Deal To Vote TRUMP

imageBy Walid Shoebat

As you watched the debate, the repeat of ‘attack Trump’ from all sides, it will make no difference on the outcome, attacking Trump will reveal, he is well equipped, and no matter what they hail on him, he is the unshakable White-Night who will win even more delegates in the next weeks than before. What will be remembered out of this whole debate is this:

I hear the silliest arguments: “I take my conservatism seriously” and “Trump is not a Christian” and an array of hypocrites lined up to denounce the Doland.

Haven’t all these learned a lesson from Pope Francis? That the more you try to cook Trump you will end up Top Ramen? Americans do not care about Donald’s civil lawsuit about some university.

Marco Rubio’s attacks, Ted Cruz attacks, Megyn Kelly’s attacks with Fox News, Mitt Romney’s attacks, the Top Ramen of the Republican establishment ridiculing Trump, just confirmed that Trump must really be a threat to the hated establishment. If people like Romney and the might of Fox News are this panicked about the real estate mogul getting the nomination, then he must be their man.

Fox News, in the debate, tried to even have some court style charts and fact sheets displayed on the screen, but only for Trump, not for Rubio or Cruz.

Romney calling Donald Trump “a phony” and a “fraud” and that his “promises are as worthless” plays not that Trump is taking “the American public for suckers,” but for fighters.

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History repeats itself. Mitt Romney, like his father, George Romney, represented moderate Republicans against conservative Republican Barry Goldwater during the 1964 U.S. presidential election. He was wrong and his tactics completely failed. People who know history can easily spot hypocrisy.

The Donald in his bed tonight will probably say: “Thanks Pope” “Thanks Mitt” “thank Mygen” “thanks Marco” and “thanks Ted”.

The American people are determined, they want Trump. All the polls show Trump is on top. In Kansas, Trump is up by 12 points, Kentucky, Trump is up by 13 points, Luisiana, Trump is up by 19 points, Michigan, Trump is up by 15 points, Mississippi, Trump is up by a whopping 24 points, Florida (Rubio’s home state), Trump is up 18 points, Illinois, Trump is up 15 points, North Carolina, Trump is up 10 points, and in Ohio, Trump is up 5 points.

In fact, 86% of the Fox News poll condemned Romney and only 14% supported his anti-Trump speech.

As we said before, Trump’s opposition, like the devil, knows their time is short and must unleash every demon, bring out every sin, and find every snitch and turn them upside down inside out, whatever it takes to bring down the Donald. They failed miserably.

They were your typical liars, hypocrites, slime balls in all colors.

Countless articles were written, it did not work. All one has to do is to peruse the comments in these articles to see the effects.

Americans are not buying it. They see through the slime. For example, the National Review had a list long of hypocrites from Michael Medved to Eric Erickson post a short blurb on why they “hate Trump” and all one has to do is read the over 3000 ticked off Americans comment hailing rocks at the article.

These do not understand, the real media is the street, the Facebook, the blogs …

All these dolts forgot a crucial American principle, what is different about Americans from any other nation is that America is the nation of the underdog.

Making Trump the underdog makes him top dog.

All these critics forgot to look at the log in their eye. I remember when Romney ran for president and we spoke out against Romney’s Mormonism. We were hailed with ridicule from so many. We warned the man was a hypocrite and a cultist of the first order. People would not listen and now they realize Romney was slime.

Michael Medved, a Jew, attacks Trump daily, yet he supported Romney, despite that Mormonism (like Islam’s replacement theology) believes that the American Indian was the true “Israel”. I met Medved and have been on his show twice. Medved is a really sick-puppy. He forgets his writ about his foray into pseudoscience declaring a Nazi-like American genetic superiority to be encoded in only the American DNA.

This sick puppy says that because our ancestors were immigrants, who were risk-takers, who were selected for their energy and aggressiveness was because they had a superior gene. Of course, the black, according to Medved “descended from slaves” do not have such superior gene:

The idea of a distinctive, unifying, risk-taking American DNA might also help to explain our most persistent and painful racial divide – between the progeny of every immigrant nationality that chose to come here, and the one significant group that exercised no choice in making their journey to the U.S. Nothing in the horrific ordeal of African slaves, seized from their homes against their will, reflected a genetic predisposition to risk-taking, or any sort of self-selection based on personality traits.

If one takes such a Nazistic theory to practice, it makes the Muslim immigrants into Europe, all these savage hordes, with their “risk-taking”, “willingness to move to new environments” as having a “superior gene”.


Whoever said that Jews are the smartest people in the world errs. Thankfully, it was Jewish stupidity that made them miss the Messiah causing our [the Gentile’s] greatest blessing, fulfilling Isaiah (a smart Jew) that the Gentiles will be blessed.

For that I thank all the stupid Medveds.

Then you had an array of so-called Christians who were sipping the salty sweat off the Mormon Top Ramen when he ran for elections to now come out by the droves to denounce Trump.

Most who care so much about Trump’s Christianity, could care less about Romney’s Mormonism when he ran for president. Glenn Beck had these prominent Evangelical pastors vacillate on the most crucial doctrine in the Bible for the sake of pleasing Beck and Romney, pastors sold out on the Trinity. Glenn Beck read the whole Quran and concluded, “Islam is a peaceful religion”, that Joseph Smith is a savior too.  He put Geert Wilders’ views on Islam on par with that of Stalin. He had Jerry Falwell Jr., even Franklin Graham (as much as I like him) declared that Mormonism is no longer a cult. David Barton said that he accepts Beck’s theology even though he denies the Trinity.

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Historically nothing changed. Had these hypocrites been in Israel when Jews fought to liberate the Temple from Antiochus Epiphanies the same phonies would line-up to say it is a bad idea. Judas Maccabaeus would be considered an “extremist”, “unwise”, and “unbalanced” in his dealings with Antiochus.

Then you had Andrew C. McCarthy. He was glad to use our research on Benghazi, Huma Abedin and other issues, to slap his name on it, a lapsed Catholic as he disclosed in one of his last emails to me, now cares about attacking Trump, saying that Trump does not understand about the Islamic threat.

Really? All Trump needs to do is to hire someone like Walid Phares and others who do. This nation has plenty of great experts from the Middle East whose talents are untapped because they tell the truth, the full truth.

Then you have Dennis Prager, another ‘smart Jew’ who worshipped Romney. He says that he doesn’t care about how we see God, but only in our values, and hence he doesn’t view Mormonism as something we should be concerned about. He once said that God never came down to Mt. Sinai and He never spoke audibly to Moses.

Probably the stupidest was the famous American pastor Max Lucado’s Does Donald Trump Pass the Decency Test? After Lucado’s kiss of Judas towards Trump, realized the thousands of comments cursing Lucado as Judas, he quickly did a followup article with the typical pastor-politician ‘butt-kiss‘ instead.

American politicians and pastors (believe me, they are the best of politicians) quickly forgot the rule of the underdog.

Politician’s, radio hosts, journalists, and pastors who are disconnect with the American people, their attacks will backfire. Clinton mocking Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again” to “Make America Whole Again” will backfire. The next two weeks will show, we were correct this whole time.