OHIO: Attempt to physically attack Donald Trump thwarted by Secret Service was by a man featured in Islamic State (ISIS) video

By BI: An attempted physical attack on Donald Trump took place earlier today in Dayton Ohio – DETAILS HERE – The attacker was identified as Tommy DiMassimo.


UPDATE: The attacker was let out on bail because the judge says he didn’t know his background (see below)

Conservative Treehouse  A Donald Trump rally took a dramatic turn Saturday when a thug Named Tom Dimassimo  tried to rush the state behind the GOP frontrunner.  Secret Service agents tackled Dimassimo and simultaneously formed a wall around Donald Trump:

A student of Wright University in Dayton Ohio, Tom Dimassimo is a progressive leftist thug who has participated in various protests including flag burning.

By his own admissions DiMassimo is self-identified as an activist with Black Lives Matter, and various left-wing social justice groups.  In addition he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter.


However, shocking new video has now surfaced of Tommy DiMassimo also participating in ISIS propaganda videos, and possibly being a part of their anti-U.S. agenda.  This video was uploaded in May 2015.  You can see DiMassimo is the principal subject within the video which begins with him dragging a flag and talking to the camera operator:

32-year-old activist Tommy DiMassimo goes under MARLON BRANDO  @younglionking7” for a twitter handle.  His appearance changes quite dramatically with the beard grown out, or less notable.  Scrolling through his social media feed it appears he was planning on something like this for more than a few weeks.