FRANCE: Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

By BI: France recently began closing down ‘The Jungle,’ a makeshift tent camp in Calais, that was ‘home’ to thousands of illegal alien Muslim invaders, waiting to get to their desired location – Britain – where they could live off government benefits indefinitely. Instead, they are wandering around Paris and setting up makeshift tent camps in the streets. So where are all the women and children?



The "new" Jungle now is anywhere in downtown Paris

The “new” Jungle now is anywhere in downtown Paris

Despite the fact that the evicted were offered better housing in concrete containers, most turned it down because they didn’t want to be fingerprinted, which would make it virtually impossible for them to gain entry into Britain. So, instead, they left Calais and have made their way to Paris, where they are living in the streets and Metro stations, relying on handouts, while terrorizing/raping local residents and scaring away the tourists.