Archive | March 21, 2016

Christians Begin Bible Translation To Teach Muslims The Gospel, Muslims Break Into Their Office, Shoot Two Of The Christians, The Muslims Then Try To Murder The Translator, But Two Other Christians Cover Him And The Muslims Brutally Butcher Both Of Them

Four Christians were working on a Bible translation to teach the Muslims the Gospel. Muslim attackers broke into their office and shot two of the Christians. They then tried to kill the head translator, but two more Christians covered him and were hacked to death, sacrificing themselves for him. According to one report: Two of […]

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The Pentagon Wants To Turn People In From The U.S. To The Antichrist Erdogan To Stand Trial In Turkey

By Walid Shoebat If you think that the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon are loaded with good people think again. I have met a few of these guys and most of them want to appear as dumber than a doornail when in reality they are as evil as the devil. Listen to your former Pentagon spokesman and retired […]

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