The Hero Of Belgium Sends His Support To The White Knight Donald Trump Promising To Unite Europe And To Fight The Muslim Savages

By Walid Shoebat

Here is someone who gets it in Brussels and he loves Donald Trump (not Shmooz Cruz). Mischaël Modrikamen became the vocal defender of Europe and a critic of Islam in Belgium. And he isn’t putting up with seeing his nation go down into the pit (especially after the latest terror attacks) without a fight. Listen to him in this video below when he sent a message of solidarity with ‘Sir Lancelot’ our beloved Donald J Trump:


For some reason, people who smoke cigars are usually more bright than people who don’t. Just my personal prejudice.

Muslim terrorism is the greatest thing for sleepy Europe since English Fish and Chips and we should thank Caliph Al-Baghdadi for that. Without Al-Baghdadi we would not have voices like Donald Trump or Modrikamen. The process of refinement is on its way, it will be painful, long, and a path of thrones with many thistles and tares chocking up the wheat and for the impatient they will lose eternity and for the patient who remain to the end, they will be saved.

Mischaël Modrikamen became the vocal defender of Europe and a critic of Islam in Belgium. On 26 November 2009, he officially created the People’s Party (PP) and without substantial funding and hatred by the media, the People’s Party nevertheless obtained more than 4% of the vote in Brussels and Wallonia.

Keep in mind, Trump only got 4% support prior to his campaign and is now in his prime as the top runner.

After the elections, the King awarded Mischaël Modrikamen’s party the right for a standard process of assessing the political situation. In November 2010,  Modrikamen criticized “reasonable accommodations” when applied with a religious purpose. According to him, adjustments based on religion are “unreasonable” because they tend “to impose multicultural and intercultural values” as we see happening from the Islamic invasion of the West. This is the same problem we have in the U.S. where freedom of religion has no boundaries since adjustments are “too influenced by Muslim demands” that are threatening non-negotiable values such as the equality of women and men and the separation between state and religion.

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By the end of November 2010, Mischaël Modrikamen announced that the People’s Party would be the first French-speaking party to take a confederalist stance in the current political debate.

In June 2010, Modrikamen claimed that a “zero tolerance policy” was efficient and had decreased Cureghem’s crime rate by 30%, no thanks to Muslim immigration. (Cureghem (fr) is a Brussels neighbourhood).

In August 2011, Modrikamen reacted to the Muslim riots that took place in several cities around England next door. In the newspaper Le Soir, he said this situation was the “premise of a civil war led by [Muslim] minorities”

Early 2015, The Parti Populaire formed the Alliance For Direct Democracy in Europe and in March 2015, Modrikamen was invited on an official visit to Russia by the Russian government and met officials at the Duma. Modrikamen is a strong believer in the transatlantic alliance and believes that Europe should find some accommodation with Russia on the Crimea and Ukraine crisis. He believes that the West and Russia have today common enemies to fight: the Muslim world.

This glimpse of hope will flourish and this party’s rise to 6% victory from 4% in the elections will skyrocket, guaranteed Mr. Modrikamen when you read this article which I believe you will.

Just last week, a few days before the bombings, providence had me write specifically on Belgium, just before the latest attacks, something that will happen a few years from now. This will happen at the tail end of the war to come in Europe:

Wallonia comprising 55% of the territory of Belgium right across from England will cause a unity with England to face off the German-Turkish-Japan alliance. At this point of this unity, the tide will turn, where the “disturbers” (Turkey, Japan, Germany) will be defeated; “The Barbarians, stricken with great fear, flee in disarray to Asia,” we must consider Turks feeling to Asia Minor after they and the Albanians attack Rome and Japan will also go back to Asia.”


I was writing regarding the Ossolinski Prophecy, 19th century which states a mysterious prediction:

The Western Lion, betrayed by its emancipated slaves, shall unite with the Cock, and put a young man on the throne.  This time, the strength of the disturbers of the earth is broken forever.  Brother shall shake hands with brother and the enemy shall withdraw to a far-away country. At the Rising Sun, the Hammer is broken.  When the Black Eagle and the Hammer invade foreign countries, they shall perish on a river.  The Bear falls after its second expedition.  The Danube shines again in splendor.  The Barbarians, stricken with great fear, flee in disarray to Asia.

So mysterious is this prophecy that its collector Yaves Dupont who was writing during the cold-war missed it thinking this had to do with East Germany, China and Russia during the Tribulation.

“The Rising sun” is Japan and not China. This summary prophecy shows the global players. First England is abandoned by the U.S. (as happened before) while the black eagle is Germany’s coat of arms, this is not just “east Germany” as Dupont thought, while communism in Russia is gone. So here we have Japan (the Rising Sun) going back to its imperial dreams defeating “the hammer” China, is whatever remains from the sickle and hammer (communism). We see this already setting up as we exposed it before we even studied such prophecies. Also a Japan-Turkey alliance matches what we have already been saying all along.

The beginning of the fall of this evil alliance at the tail end will spark when the “Cock/Rooster” which is the symbol of Wallonia, that would be Belgium, specifically this rising party with Modrikamen.

The “bear” is Iran which will ally with Turkey. And why should this not be the case for Turkey-Iran relations is getting stronger. Turkey just visited Tehran on March 4-5, when Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, reminded his Iranian audience of Turkey’s support for Iran during the tough sanctions era, explicitly hoping for the dawn of a new “golden age”. This “golden age”  is the age of the Islamic unity between Leopard and Bear, which I have been warning about.

Rouhani promised to attend the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) summit meeting in Istanbul next month in April which is why Davutoglu’s visit to Tehran came in just a month before the OIC event. The OIC is what will peg the ten horns on the map of Antichrist.

The process of refining Christendom will not be an easy one where God will raise against the Antichrist some “seven shepherds and eight princely men” (see Micah 5).

The Bible promises that many will do great endeavors. The future hold some very interesting promises from God of victory and triumph. We are just in the beginning phases and there are several years to come before the end. “Be patient” is all over the Bible.

Genesis 3:15, where the “seed of the woman” will be bruised” is just a strike in the Old Testament. This single verse comprise the entire New Testament story. It will be similar to when the snake’s head is crushed. Genesis 3:15 is a short line, but the fulfillment thereof is huge where books will be written on the subject on how the seed of the woman will crush the serpent. This “crushing” is Armageddon. It is an issue we will track for you as the Lord tarries.

Embrace your destiny brother Modrikamen.