ISIS Just Released Chilling Video “To The Nations Of The Cross” Promising That The UK, Berlin And Rome To Be Attacked Soon


By Walid Shoebat

ISIS has threatened a new wave of attacks as deadly as the Paris massacre to soon commence in London, Berlin & Rome. The chilling video shows images of the UK parliament and Eiffel Tower crashing to the ground.

Europe will be refined through fire and ISIS is how God is allowing who slid away from the Christian faith to rethink their errors. This will bring Christendom out of the falling away where the liberal Eurocentrism will fade for Eurosceptic nationalism who will call to throw the Muslims out. The Eurocentric dream (E.U) cannot succeed without liberalism to avoid religious and cultural divisions, and so no matter what terror attack happens, they are so centered on calling Islam “moderate” and “peaceful”. For how long will Europe trumpet the usual, this after the Brussels massacre:

“Muslims mourn those who died in Brussels, just like everybody else does. We empathise in just the same way. But Islamophobia distracts the world from this” (The Guardian named Allan Henesey)

These suicidal liberals insist that:

“Turkey, even under its present regime, has hardly ever wavered in its desire to become a member of the Union. We need the Turks and the EU should make more use of the powers of leverage it undoubtedly possesses to improve the political situation within the country. A European Turkey may well be the first real step toward modernizing the rest of the Middle East.”

This worped thinking will soon erode as more rude awakening comes from ISIS. The idea that ISIS is weakened in Iraq and Syria simply means that the cockroaches will spread abroad from the sewers of Iraq and Syria into Europe.  For more understanding on how prophecy reveals this read our latest Sunday Special:

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