Secret Sources Reveal: Russia’s Fallout With Iran In Syria Is Uniting Iran With Turkey Instead In Order To Form The Two-Horned Beast Of Revelation 13 And Ezekiel 38

Copy-2-of-uwqaBy Walid Shoebat (thanks Trevor)

This link from Elaf, a Saudi newspaper, discloses from reliable sources, that Arabia (Sheba and Dedan) is telling Israel why Russia left Syria and why both now should fear Iran. Elaf later discloses in response: “Jerusalem reveals sources from Elaf (Saudi Arabia) the real reasons of why Russia pulled out of Syria …”

What Elaf is saying is that Jerusalem’s (Jerusalem Post) reiterated Arabia’s revelations sending the  message to Israel’s people to prepare. Why Russia’s attempt to aid Syria failed was disclosed in several reasons as the sources revealed. We will start with the last:

“The third reason is the failure of Iran and Hezbollah to achieve significant military victories, including the expansion of the battlefronts in Tadmor [Palmira] and al-Raqqa, and against ISIS in the east towards the Iraqi border. “Iran is worried by the possibility of clashes with ISIS on its border with Iraq,” explained the source. “Russia received assurances from its allies that there would be swift victories, however despite this there have been 1,500 Hezbollah and Iranian deaths on the battlefield, and another 5,000 injured.”

In other words, why should Iran spill its blood fighting ISIS on its borders when they prefer they remain in Syria spilling mostly Sunni blood. At the end of the day, blood is what its all about and the type is divided between Muslim vs. Christian, Shiite vs. Sunni.


Wish the world can see, Christian blood, Muslims blood, Shiite blood, Sunni blood, its all blood.

To scatter ISIS would mean that a cockroach effect spread from the sewers to scatter throughout, even unto Europe. Israel’s Jerusalem Post revealed the secrets shared by its cousin Arabia, while the ‘Post’ forgot to post the most crucial part lest they offend the Turks which ‘yours truly’ fully comprehends the language:

European sources assures Elaf [in Saudi Arabia] that the continuation of Russia’s involvement will ensure the flooding of Muslim extremists into Europe. These European sources reveal that there are recent attempts by Iran to get closer to Turkey to resolve the Syria crisis, especially that the two states fear the liberation of Kurdistan or giving them a state in Syria, a matter that Russia does not objects to, in fact it prefers it. The report ends with that ‘Russia seeks to solve the Syria crisis, but erred in choosing its partners [Iran and Hezbollah]. And as these partners failed it increased Russia’s distress and the solution was distanced”.

أزمة المهاجرين في سياق متصل، تؤكد مصادر أوروبية لـ «إيلاف» أن استمرار الحرب السورية يؤدي إلى استمرار تدفق اللاجئين إلى أوروبا، وأيضًا استمرار استهداف داعش والحركات الإسلامية المتطرفة لأهداف أوروبية. وتوضح المصادر أن “الاستخبارات الأوروبية بدأت ترصد أخيرًا محاولات إيرانية للتقرب من تركيا، ومحاولة التنسيق بشأن الأزمة السورية، وخاصة أن البلدين يخشيان من استقلال الأكراد أو منحهم دولة في سوريا، الأمر الذي لا تعارضه روسيا، بل تحبذه”.وتختم بالإشارة إلى أن روسيا تسعى إلى حل الأزمة السورية، لكنها أخطأت في اختيار حلفائها، «فكلما أخفق هؤلاء الحلفاء، تعزز الشعور الروسي بخيبة الأمل، وتعمقت الأزمة السورية، وأصبح الحل بعيد المنال».

This is crucial. Here we have the entire Ezekiel 38 recipe being whipped with some of the secret ingredients: Turkish hot sauce is to be blended with Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah peppers while Russia,  Israel and Saudi Arabia prefer to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What the sources reveal is that in Syria, Russia came to help its regime from collapsing where Iran and Hezbollah acted as typical Muslims do, which is to depend on the Russians (Crusaders) to do most of the work.

It is an observation we see that when superpowers like the U.S. or Russia go and risk their soldiers to aid in  causes where Muslims are involved; the Muslims would rather have the Crusader spill his blood instead of the Muslim. The principles on Islam and war argues: why should the Muslim be killed fighting ISIS when the blood of the Crusader should be spilt first?

Russia now knows well, it cannot trust Muslims even if they are Shiites.

The sources revealed something else which was the rude awakening for Russia which also supports Kurdish independence while Iran doesn’t. Russia, logically sees Kurds as the most effective and trustworthy fighters against ISIS, but to Iran the Kurds who are Sunni are the biblical Medes who today want to carve out huge swaths of land from Iran, Turkey and Syria. A look at the map would show, this is something this trio (Turkey, Iran and Syria) do not want. This was the primary reason for the fallout.



Turkey and Iran are collaborating together and getting cozy. While we witnessed Turkey’s collapse with Putin, which we predicted in October 2014 that soon “…we will begin to see the rift between Russia and Turkey” and now Iran moves further away from Russia, just as we said long ago in our “The Coming Iranian-Turkish Alliance And Why Syria Is TOAST”.

The writing on the wall is complete, the fallout between Russia and Iran will soon be just as one concludes from Ezekiel’s epic chapter 38, all the while Russia and Israel draws closer just as we also said will happen.

The latest news gives us the actual secret ingredients of the Gog-and-Magog recipe. It expresses not just a crucial message how Arabia tells the Muslim alliance: “have you came to Jerusalem to take plunder and booty?” but also speaks of Turkey and Iran’s unification process for the future invasion where Syria is key to access to the Golan Heights leaping towards Armageddon. The map has to be redrawn. It is obvious that Russia’s pullout gives Turkey the grand victory in the region, just as we stated will happen. “In the beginning the Turks will believe they are winning” as Saint Paisios of Mount Athos predicted.

Now Saudi news media sources tells the secret behind Russia’s pullout from Syria revealing that the relationship between Iran and Russia is eroding. This is crucial for it destroys what some argue over Ezekiel 38 saying it is a Russian-Iranian alliance. Truth is, it is a Turkish-Iranian alliance (Persia with Meshech, Tubal, Beth Togarmah and Gomer) as we stated Iran and Turkey will unite. And we said this back in 2014.

When it comes to Ezekiel 38, maps are scattered on the internet and below we have two; one was drawn by real historians while the other was drawn by amateur lazy servants. In life we must choose wisely for our choices matter into eternity. Being on the right side of history demands we know the genuine from the fiction.


But there is more. As Russia pulled out, prepare for major massacres which you will see soon. As we tap into the sources from Turkey, just last couple days, they are planning a grand finale: the massacre of the Kurds.

Now that Russia bailed out, in another report, Erdoğan on April 4th remarked regarding the Kurds saying that the PKK Kurdish militants had no option other than to lay down arms or surrender to Turkey’s security forces and dismissed any prospect of further “negotiations” with the group.

In response, Turkey’s nationalist opposition (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli, who is supposedly the more moderate level-headed, instead of opposing, surprisingly urged Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to completely wipe out in a mass genocide the Kurds in the village of Nusaybin near the Syrian border:

“Mr. Prime Minister, here is my advice to you: Make a call to our citizens who have been living in Nusaybin [a district in the southeastern province of Mardin] and other provinces and districts where operations are ongoing. Grant them three days and take them to secure places by ensuring that they evacuate the cities. Afterwards, level Nusaybin to the ground and leave nobody alive. Do not let our martyrs’ blood remain on the ground

DHA photo

Turkey’s nationalist opposition (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli speaking on the Kurdish issue

Turkey will invade Syria as we have always predicted, how else is Damascus completely destroyed (Isaiah 17) and now with Russia out, this becomes sooner rather than later as we see what Turkey is cooking at the Syrian Turkish borders.

“While sleeves have already been rolled up to remake Sur, Nusaybin would also be rebuilt and both Şırnak and Yüksekova would also be rebuilt from scratch and in line with Turkish-Islam architecture,” Bahçeli  suggested, referring to a number of other southeastern Turkish cities which have been scene to recent clashes between the PKK and Turkish security forces. What they are planning is a grand massacre and a grand rebuilding where the bodies are buried.

In other words, the message to the Kurds is simple: massacres are coming soon to a Kurdish village near you.

All this ties into what Davutoğlu has recently been promoting a controversial redevelopment plan for the region less than 100 miles north of the Syrian border in Diyarbakir. During a visit to the southeastern province of Diyarbakır’s Sur district, which is surrounded by UNESCO-listed Roman-era walls, Davutoğlu unveiled a video depicting a lavish plan for the redevelopment of Sur that will wipe out all the Kurdish or Roman heritage in exchange for Ottoman.


In other words, it is as if Hitler said its time to wipe out the Jewish ghettos and bring back the Arian heritage; Turkey plans to wipe out all facades of any other heritage besides the Ottoman.

And while Erdogan lavishes in palaces in Istanbul with German Chancellor Angela Merkel “pitching his royal tents between two seas” (Dan 11:45), Davutoglo as the Himmler enters Diyarbakır (Sur) with the sound of ululation from women and chants of Islamist support from Muslim men as he plans his soon-to-be massacres.

“Let’s primarily and urgently lift the immunities of the extensions of the PKK in parliament who lend support to terror” Bahçeli also said today on April 5, in an apparent reference to HDP Kurdish deputies.

Using Erdogan’s definition of terrorism as being anyone opposing Erdogan’s dream, and by removing these seats would grant Erdogan to replace and count these seats he needs to have his one-man rule: the caliphate and by uniting with Iran, he forms the “lamb with two horns which speaks like a dragon” (Revelation 13:11) which we spoke of this Sunday. How great was the timing. This is the same dragon who flood the saints like a torrent-river (Revelation 12) spewing out of his mouth going after who loves the woman honoring her as their mother. The massacres will include Christians.

“Mr. Davutoğlu, you should know that time is passing and the nation’s conscience is bleeding. Do not drag your feet, do not play for time and do not write on water. Let’s remove the immunity armor of HDP [Kurdish] deputies. The entire nation asks for this,” he added.

Stop writing on water, and let the water flood, is what the top Turkish leader says to Erdogan. It will be first the biblical Medes (Kurds) who have been a thorn in Iran’s and Turkey’s flesh. It is no wonder why Daniel refers to a “bear stood up on one side” (Daniel 7:5), not two. This is a threat that originally had two sides Medo-Persian; Media (Kurdistan) and Persia (Iran). And while in the end, one arises (Perisa/Iran), the other is subdued (Media). Daniel tells us that history repeats itself with a little caveat he had to add that Media is no more.

The fool says that the “bear” is Russia. They say this discounting what the prophets declared who the bear is: Iran. Russia had no two sides, but Medo-Persia did.

While Turkey is in on the hunt of the Medes to soon unite with Persia with hordes of another hunt; from Turkey in the north, Iran in the east, the two will do a pincer on Jerusalem. Christ then comes “with whirlwind of the south” (Zechariah 9:14) grinding to dust by the Lord’s blender all God’s enemies and the Kingdom is the Lord’s with Russia on the Lord’s side as one of the good seven shepherds (Micah 5). The epic will start low, slow and then quick whirlwinds, and then the slow calm, and then the saints clap in joy as the birth pangs are over and the Son is revealed: