Protestants Are Joining The Muslim Antichrist To Work Together To Destroy The Catholic Church And The Orthodox Church, Protestant Germany Is Already Working With Turkey To Control And Dominate Europe With Money And Power And By Prosecuting Free Speech


Protestants Are Joining The Muslim Antichrist To Work Together To Destroy The Catholic Church And The Orthodox Church, Protestant Germany Is Already Working With Turkey To Control And Dominate Europe With Money And Power And By Prosecuting Free Speech.

By Walid Shoebat

Solomon the wise once said “there is nothing new under the sun”. It is also true that there is nothing new under the snow for the snow always melts revealing where the dog took a dump. It is no different with the devil. From his top-agendas to his bottom agendas, nothing has ever changed regarding his methods.

What other explanation can one give besides that History is repeating itself and that devils are at it again as we see master schemes to destroy the church by a Turko-German collaboration. I will only mention the expropriations of Armenian property in Diyarbakir Turkey by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a perplexing echo of “demographic engineering”  that was a prelude to the Armenian genocide a century ago. Such schemes becomes evident as we witness the callous European Union leaders, Protestant Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk, who on the same weekend marking the Armenian genocide went to the Sultan of Turkey lavishing praise on Muslim Erdogan for allegedly ‘relieving the refugee crisis’.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan © Tobias Schwarz

History always repeats itself from when the Protestants went to bed with the Turkish Sultans to destroy the Catholic alliance. And today Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world and the most powerful figure in the history of the European Union, is in bed with the most powerful Muslim in the world: Sultan Erdogan. They are both executing dubious deals.

Why else would it be Protestant Merkel acting as the devil’s best agent to fulfill the flood of the dragon in Revelation 12 causing the biggest influx of migrants to the European continent since the World War II?

Why else would Merkel collaborate with Erdogan, as far away as Turkey in thwarting free speech all the way in Germany? Germany is carrying out a similar agenda to Turkey’s Erdogan policy of prosecuting a comedian Jan Bohmermann who mocked Sultan Erdogan. This is alarming to see the crushing arm of Turkish censorship inhibit freedom of expression in the heart of Europe and highly troubling that a European leader permitted it to happen. Turkish justice minister filed more than 1,800 cases for simply insulting this Antichrist.

Now behold Angela Merkel. Even Wikipedia notices the oxymoronic uses defines Merkel’s party as:

Christian democratic and liberalconservative political party in Germany. It is the major catch-all party of the centre-right in German politics.”

It matters nothing if Germany is ruled by right or left. An Aryan version of Jezebel, daughter of a Protestant pastor, and the chief in charge of another oxymoron: Christian Democratic Union of Germany.

On the other hand, behold a Jehu, the astrophysicist, philosopher, theologian, Father Manuel Carreira, or should I dare say, the Jesuit member of the Vatican Specula, who just said in response to a discussion on West Germany that one could not plausibly claim that “Islam is compatible with the rights of a European nation”. The witty Jesuit said that Islam:

“was created as decaffeinated Christianity because they simply have obscured what they did not understand in Christianity: one no longer talked about the Trinity, nor the incarnation of God for the simple reason that they had not understood it. “Therefore, Islam is a 7th – 9th Century developing form of “a minimalist distorted Christianity” with its “own theology,” which is of a “very simple thinking.”


Minimalism and over simplification on the nature of the most complex God, while over complications on the matters of what is so plainly written in scripture are always the mark of the devil.

The myth that Islam is ‘just another religion’ is absurd: Islam, like other Christian cults, is decaffeinated Christianity.

Decaffeinated Christianity has one sole purpose: the destruction of God’s people, the destruction of the true church from within and from without, and to primarily thwart the church, Christ’s arm on earth, from doing its mission to redeem Jews and Gentiles.

Thats it!

Every plan of the devil is intended for that purpose.

You might counter with “This is absurd! The Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:10 that ‘money is the root of all evil’.

Indeed. The devil is using ‘money’ in the E.U., specifically by Germany, as the root of all evil there. Even a secularist analyst like  explains in The Globalist that another form of decaffeinated Christianity, Protestantism, is also using money to suppress Catholic and Orthodox nations:

If a European country turned from Catholicism to Lutheranism (or, more broadly, to Protestantism) after the early 1500s, when Martin Luther (and a few other reformers, such as Zwingli and Calvin) launched the Reformation, that would have been a good indication that the nation would qualify for the adoption of the common European currency about five centuries later. If it had stayed predominantly Catholic, or even Greek Orthodox, then not.

He believes some historically Catholic countries, such as Austria and Poland, may have come under more Germanic influence due to their geographical proximity. They are: “Catholics perhaps, but with a healthy dose of fiscal Protestantism,” he reasons. Commemorations in 2017 will doubtless try to stress that Reformation divisions between Protestants and other reformers and Catholicism were not too great.

When it comes to Protestant Germany and Muslim Turkey, even Wikipedia gets it:

“German–Turkish relations have their beginnings in the times of the Ottoman Empire and have culminated in the development of strong bonds with many facets that include economic, military, cultural and social relations. With the possible accession of Turkey to the European Union, of which Germany is the biggest member, and the existence of a huge Turkish diaspora in Germany, these relations have become more and more intertwined over the decades.”

Turkey and Germany are “intertwined”. But will the Left Behind crowd remain left behind or will they too get it? That is the question.

Has anything ever changed from when Martin Luther insisted on Rome as ‘the harlot riding the scarlet beast’ while making Germany and Geneva the center for their version of decaffeinated Christianity?

Islam too was created as a plague in order to destroy Catholic and Orthodox Christianity. The Jesuit Carreira said:
“I would say that Islam is the worst plague that humanity has seen in the past 2000 years.”. Islam is “completely unable” to develop, respect for human dignity. For Muslims it is therefore “impossible to respect human rights and the Western tradition“. A Muslim in Europe “denies either this respect, then is an internal threat to Europe, or he accepts European thought, which means he is an unbeliever and is dead according to Islamic understanding.” Either way, “there is no positive contribution by Islam to a modern society that is respectful of the fundamental rights of every human being”

In the United States I heard for years the worst reductio ad absurdum arguments saying that Jesuits created Islam while Catholics worship ‘idols’. The most theologically ill-educated Christians in the world exist in the United States. I find such theories in comments on every article where I discuss Catholicism.

Some will argue that what we say here is of no consequence since churchgoing has been in decline in Germany as elsewhere in Europe since secularization has spread. However, religious ideas do shape the way Germans talk and think. Even when it comes to money, the German word for debt – schuld – is the same as the word for “guilt” or “sin”. In Germany a call for austerity and even conservatism is not a sign of faith in God just as the Left Behind fiction series are no evidence for the Rapture theory. Europe’s revival will be slow, and these days, it is the left who are being “left behind”. As the Economist shows: “social democrats lost power in Denmark, fell to their worst-ever results in Finland, Poland and Spain and came to within a hair’s-breadth of such a nadir in Britain.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.31.11 PM

Every cult has idols. And when it comes to idols and statues, Martin Luther (the German “Father of the Reformation”) and Ulrich Zwingli (a major Swiss reformer based in Zürich) all have statues. Go and see the Reformation Wall, or should I add another absurdity ‘with all sorts of worshippers’.

Ref Wall 1

I see absurdities every year, that when it comes to the Holy Family in Christmas, Protestant display the smallest icons under a tree, but when it comes to ‘reformers’ the Iconoclast too construct the most massive and elaborate icons.

The story of General Jehu and Jezebel will repeat itself. A European Jehu one day will arise to be anointed with oil as king over Europe to destroy the house of Germany and avenge the blood of God’s servants shed by Germany. Her Jezebel and Islam’s Hitler, both houses of Germany and Turkey will perish, cut off from every last male. And the house of Germany like the house of Jeroboam son of Nebat and like the house of Baasha son of Ahijah will perish. And as for Jezebel, dogs will devour her on the plot of ground and no one will bury her.