The Weekend Of Long Knives: Germany Begins Mass Arresting Citizens AND POLICE Who Say Or Have Said Anything Critical About Islam

For a while now, Germany has been threatening her own people and even police with arrest for “hate crimes” if they should speak critically or protest Merkel’s forced Islamization of Germany. There have been a prosecutions, but overall they have been few and on the basis of “right wing extremism”- if you had possible (not necessarily real) links to any “Nazi” groups, you may have been arrested or harassed. Note that in the meantime, the Muslims have literally been allowed to run amok across Germany, breaking laws with impunity so much that the German government tried to set up a website to “discount” the “hoax stories,” yet when one looks at the map it becomes clear that the Germany government is lying:


Each yellow mark is one “fake” refugee crime- says Merkel. Notice the complete lack of criminal activity in countries which are keeping the “refugees” out- like the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, etc.

Seriously, how many “fakes” are there? Or is it (which it is) that Germany does not want to admit the EU’s master place for the genocide of the Germanic people is failing miserably?

It was bad enough last week that London elected a Muslim mayor. Now starting this week there have been reports coming out of Germany about German police conducting mass arrests of German citizens and police who protest Islam, all the while Muslims are allowed to run amok.

In one case, German police mass-arrested German citizens in Duesseldorf. Their crime was holding a peaceful, non-violent, pro-Germany rally across the way from where Muslim Turks were having a massive, pro-Turkish march:

Notice the distinct lack of German flags at this protest, but the simultaneous presence of German “lackeys” marching with the Turks.

In another interesting news story, this time coming from Cologne itself, the German government is now rounding up and beginning to prosecute policemen who reported on the mass rapes during new years and then reported how the German government tried to cover it up. And yes, you read that correctly:

The Green-Socialist coalition government in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia are not at all amused by whistleblowers who leaked documents that showed police tampering with witness reports from the New Years Eve sex attacks last month. The red-green coalition, as it’s known, has said they will launch an investigation in order to out the “moles” in their office by questioning the various media sources who broke the story reports.

The ruling parties say that the documents were disclosed unlawfully and that the information contained within them was classified. The parties have already submitted a formal request to the Parliament President (herself a member of the Socialist Party or SPD) for information regarding an investigation into the matter on Wednesday.

SPD chairman Hans-Willi Körfges has said that an inquiry must authorize prosecution against anyone found to be involved in the leaks. He said that the issues will be discussed behind closed doors and information regarding the inquiry will not be made immediately available to the public or the press.

Körfges stressed that anyone, “who published confidential documents, violates the law and endangers [our work],” would be punished.

Explaining why leaks impair the effectiveness of local government, he said politicians and police would be less inclined to take action in future because they would be thinking of political ramifications before doing their jobs.

The German government itself admits that the reason it will not do anything about the rapes is because of poltical reasons- i.e. they want their power and they do not care at all about Hans Q. Public, his family, his daughter, or anybody at all so long as they get to keep the party going. Now what does that sound like?


There is a disturbing similarity between the current state of the GOP and the EU governments, Germany or not. Germany is simply the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” because Germany is the “heart” of the EU project, and as such it is the epicenter for many of the social and political experiments that the EU conducts.

Politicians are the same anywhere in two ways- first, they reflect to an extent the nature of the society at its weakest points, since unlike we would like to believe, these politicians are the product of the culture, society, educational system, and time in which they live, and power also attracts the ambitious.

The second way politicians are universally similar is that they all want to stay in power. Now this can vary in how it manifests depending on the culture and disposition of the people. However, no politician simply “gives up” power once he has it for the sake of giving it up. In the case of a moral leader (which also, I should add, assumes a moral public on some level), he would give up office for principles- a greater good, such as when George Washington resigned the presidency after two terms as to set a president for future presidents.


On the other hand, a morally bankrupt, corrupt people produces a morally corrupt leader, and a morally corrupt leader cares only for law and order when it suits his personal gain, as the law is an obstruction to the centralization and consolidation of his rule for his own sake and not that of the greater good. There are near countless examples of this throughout history, and resemble the perniciousness of the demonic, fallen angels- when they have power over men, they do not relinquish it unless forced to, and is the reason why Jesus spoke the following:

“Or how can anyone enter the strong man’s house and carry off his property, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.” (Matthew 12:29)


Merkel, her so-called “Christian Democrat Union,” and the pro-EU political parties throughout the European continent are these new “strongmen.” They are corrupt, evil men and women who are the product of a corrupt, evil European society which became that way on account of those nations’ people consistently rejecting, ignoring, and denouncing the Faith which brought those nations into existence and the teachings which sustained them for centuries upon centuries. As the American conservative commentator Pat Buchanan summarized, the problem with Europe and America is exactly this, because having extinguished the Faith from their midst, they have nothing more to live for and are now in the process of destroying their own nations:

These secular conservatives may think that “America can survive the death of God and religion,” writes Prager, but they are wrong. And, indeed, the last half-century seems to bear him out.

A people’s religion, their faith, creates their culture, and their culture creates their civilization. And when faith dies, the culture dies, the civilization dies, and the people begin to die.

Is this not the recent history of the West?

Today, no great Western nation has a birthrate that will prevent the extinction of its native-born. By century’s end, other peoples and other cultures will have largely repopulated the Old Continent.

European Man seems destined to end like the 10 lost tribes of Israel — overrun, assimilated and disappeared.

And while the European peoples — Russians, Germans, Brits, Balts — shrink in number, the U.N. estimates that the population of Africa will double in 34 years to well over 2 billion people.

What happened to the West?

As G. K. Chesterton wrote, when men cease to believe in God, they do not then believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

As European elites ceased to believe in Christianity, they began to convert to ideologies, to what Dr. Russell Kirk called “secular religions.”

For a time, these secular religions — Marxism-Leninism, fascism, Nazism — captured the hearts and minds of millions. But almost all were among the gods that failed in the 20th century.

Now Western Man embraces the newer religions: egalitarianism, democratism, capitalism, feminism, One Worldism, environmentalism.

These, too, give meaning to the lives of millions, but these, too, are inadequate substitutes for the faith that created the West.

For they lack what Christianity gave man — a cause not only to live for, and die for, but a moral code to live by, with the promise that, at the end a life so lived, would come eternal life. Islam, too, holds out that promise.

Secularism, however, has nothing on offer to match that hope.

Looking back over the centuries, we see what faith has meant.

When, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the West embraced Christianity as a faith superior to all others, as its founder was the Son of God, the West went on to create modern civilization, and then went out and conquered most of the known world.

The truths America has taught the world, of an inherent human dignity and worth, and inviolable human rights, are traceable to a Christianity that teaches that every person is a child of God.

Today, however, with Christianity virtually dead in Europe and slowly dying in America, Western culture grows debased and decadent, and Western civilization is in visible decline.

Secularism seems to have no answer to the question, “Why not?”

“How small, of all that human hearts endure, That part which laws or kings can cause or cure,” wrote Samuel Johnson.

Secular conservatives may have remedies for some of America’s maladies. But, as Johnson observed, no secular politics can cure the sickness of the soul of the West — a lost faith that appears irretrievable.

Note here that the politicians are simply a product of the corruption of the people. The politicians are rotten because our parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, friends, and associates are also rotten. Lie down with dogs, come up with fleas.

For those who may have forgotten, the Night of Long Knives was when German socialists attacked fellow German socialists that were not “supportive enough” of the “cause” in 1934. A few years later in 1938 Kristallnacht, or “the night of broken glass,” was when German citizens and party members who were either clearly a member of groups not liked in Germany (Jews, Slavs, Soviet sympathisers, Roma, etc.), who were involved in opposition parties were harassed and attacked.


A cartoon from an Australian newspaper in 1934 about the Night of Long Knives

I suggest what we are seeing here is the beginning of a slower, more methodical union of these two events but with the same end goal in mind- the purging of the entire German people and government from “bad” views, which in this case is saying or doing anything that might suggest that Islam is anything less than the best thing that Germany could have happen to it since the Protestant reformation.

If you are a German citizen, there is still time to do something, but time is running short and a decision must be made now. In essence, you have two options. First, is to start making plans to emigrate, or at least keep certain assets overseas and have a means of escape, for there may come a time when Germany is no longer a safe or sane place to reside in. The second option is to start working with and associating with groups who are openly opposed to the Islamization of Germany and are attempting to do something about it. In the past one could be a “silent member,” and that can still be true in certain, specific cases, but for the most part people are going to have to stand up openly and fearlessly, since there is no more room to hide behind a semblance of tolerance- after all, your own government has declared war on you, and it is fight or die at this point.

Germany is quickly falling into the jaws of a massive civil war, and you will have to pick a side, for if you do not pick one, the victor, whomever it may be, will be the side chosen for you and the subsequent consequences which follow. You wouldn’t want somebody telling you what food to eat or what clothes to wear or what to think- yet if the Muslims are victorious, which it is possible they might be, that is what will happen- and worse. Yet this is the third choice- intentional inaction and “going with the flow” no matter what the end result is.

I do not recommend the third choice. As a reminder, Ms. Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian woman who saw the rise of socialist German while still a teenager, recalls the following:

“After the election, German officials were appointed, and like a miracle, we suddenly had law and order. Three or four weeks later, everyone was employed. The government made sure that a lot of work was created through the Public Work Service.

“Hitler decided we should have equal rights for women. Before this, it was a custom that married Austrian women did not work outside the home. An able-bodied husband would be looked down on if he couldn’t support his family. Many women in the teaching profession were elated that they could retain the jobs they previously had been required to give up for marriage.

“Then we lost religious education for kids

“Our education was nationalized. I attended a very good public school.. The population was predominantly Catholic, so we had religion in our schools. The day we elected Hitler (March 13, 1938), I walked into my schoolroom to find the crucifix replaced by Hitler’s picture hanging next to a Nazi flag. Our teacher, a very devout woman, stood up and told the class we wouldn’t pray or have religion anymore. Instead, we sang ‘Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles,’ and had physical education.

“Sunday became National Youth Day with compulsory attendance. Parents were not pleased about the sudden change in curriculum. They were told that if they did not send us, they would receive a stiff letter of warning the first time. The second time they would be fined the equivalent of $300, and the third time they would be subject to jail.”

And then things got worse.

“The first two hours consisted of political indoctrination. The rest of the day we had sports. As time went along, we loved it. Oh, we had so much fun and got our sports equipment free.

“We would go home and gleefully tell our parents about the wonderful time we had.

“My mother was very unhappy,” remembers Kitty. “When the next term started, she took me out of public school and put me in a convent. I told her she couldn’t do that and she told me that someday when I grew up, I would be grateful. There was a very good curriculum, but hardly any fun – no sports, and no political indoctrination.

“I hated it at first but felt I could tolerate it. Every once in a while, on holidays, I went home. I would go back to my old friends and ask what was going on and what they were doing.

“Their loose lifestyle was very alarming to me. They lived without religion. By that time, unwed mothers were glorified for having a baby for Hitler.

“It seemed strange to me that our society changed so suddenly. As time went along, I realized what a great deed my mother did so that I wasn’t exposed to that kind of humanistic philosophy.

All of the things we associate with the “West”- such as “democracy,” “freedom,” “liberty,” and so forth are the end products of the philosophies which produced them. The West has been living in state of rebellion since at least the 16th century, vascillating between its former Christian self, and the secular, Freemason-backed “enlightenment” mentality that perverts freedom from being freedom to do what is right into the libertine freedom to indulge the will.

Europe cannot stand up for itself because it stand for nothing, and Germany is no exception. If you cannot stand for something, you will indeed fall for anything, including Islam.

The Night of Broken Glass and the Night of Long Knives are converging on Europe as a dark shadow overtakes the formerly most Christian continent of Europe.

The day of reckoning approaches.

Make your choice now. It’s a lot easier to make the right one, regardless of what happens, when you choose before you have a man putting a gun to your head or a knife on your throat saying “convert or die.”