That Scumbag Secretary of State John Kerry Wants To Start Another Arab Spring And An Islamic Revolution Throughout North Africa And This Time Its In Morocco


By Walid Shoebat

The U.S. is cooking up another Arab Spring, in Morocco out of all places, just as it is doing in the next door nation to Morocco in Libya. It is using human rights abuses against Islamists as an excuse.

The Moroccan king Mohammed VI slammed the U.S. State Department’s report on human rights in the North African kingdom as a list of inventions and lies. Morocco’s Interior Ministry said the report’s content is “truly scandalous.”

Morocco is an important U.S. ally in a volatile region, particularly valuable for its help in the fight against terrorism, making its irate, public reaction to last month’s report highly unusual.

So what is the intentions of the U.S. State Department John Kerry? Why issue such report especially that in Morocco, there has been only one execution between 1983 to 1993? Is the U.S. perhaps upset that male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Morocco? Is it over women? Morocco even repealed Article 475 in 2014 that forced girls to marry their rapists (sounds more like what John Calvin wanted) after one case that shocked the nation. Amina Al Filali, 16, drank rat poison after being severely beaten during a forced marriage to her rapist. So the country fixed the problem and removed this stupid Islamic code. Even Wikipedia admits that:

“Morocco has made considerable improvements since the repressive Years of Lead under King Hassan II’s reign (1961–99). Under Mohammed VI, it has improved its record. There has been a greater degree of modernisation, and more rights have been granted to the population in general, and particularly women and children.”

In Morocco there is even some restrictions against women who wear the hijab. The hijab in these cases is seen as a sign of political Islam or fundamentalism against secular government so they restrict it while the Islamists insist on it.

Sure, in Morocco, questioning the legitimacy of the monarchy or the actions of the King is a taboo and questioning the kingdom’s “territorial integrity” (i.e. the virtual annexation of the Western Sahara) is illegal. But who wants to remove the kingdom except the Islamists? While the king disclosed that the U.S. is upset on how his kingdom treats Islamists in courts, we could not find the 2015 report, but a peak at a previous report reveals everything. In the State Departments Executive Summary it states:

Morocco is a monarchy with a constitution under which ultimate authority rests with King Mohammed VI, who presides over the Council of Ministers. The king may dismiss ministers, dissolve parliament, and call for new elections. International and domestic observers judged the 2011 parliamentary elections credible and relatively free from irregularities. The Islamist Party of Justice and Development (PJD) won a plurality of seats in the 2011 elections. As mandated by the constitution, the king chose the PJD to lead the governing coalition.

The most significant continuing human rights problems were the lack of citizens’ right to change the constitutional provisions establishing the country’s monarchical form of government

Some human rights activists asserted the prison administration reserved harsher treatment for Islamists.

Authorities reportedly searched and halted activities in the homes of members of the Justice and Charity Organization (JCO), an Islamist charitable and sociopolitical group the government tolerated but did not officially recognize.


One gets the picture. The U.S. wants an Arab Spring in Morocco and has an anti Kingdom view on the form of government. And its not as if Morocco doesn’t have its share of Islamic revolutionaries from the arts to Islamist political movements that want to turn things upside down. The American has not awaken to the reality that human demons are walking the earth by the hundreds of millions and that includes Morocco who for no other purpose than for zombi fragmented reasoning wants to head to Jerusalem:


It is clear that the U.S. wants an Islamic revolution to engulf the entire North African region from Libya to Mauritania. Does the average American today even know that Morocco is across Spain and Gibraltar, that narrow water path was the key for the Muslim invasion into Europe? Do they want another Tariq Bin Ziyad?

The easiest pathways to Europe are two, Turkey and Morocco.

It seems that this is the plan of the bigger demons in the State Department. Just the other week Kerry is intervening in Libya with an armament plan. For more understanding on why the U.S. is doing this and on what it is doing in Libya to advance the Islamists, read our shocking report:

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