SWEDEN: Muslim refugee ‘children’ convicted of brutally assaulting and robbing 87-year-old woman

By BI: Four Muslim so-called ‘street children’ of Morocco broke into an 87-year-old woman’s house and robbed her brutally. Now convicted, two of the attackers, one of whom had already been convicted of rape under another name, will not be prosecuted because they claim to be 15 years old.


VOAT  On the night of January 24, the perpetrators broke into the house in Stureby in southern Stockholm after crushing a basement window. The woman woke up and saw “four dark silhouettes” who stood by her bed inside the bedroom. One of the Muslims took a stranglehold on the 87-year-old and pushed as hard as she fainted.

In connection with the assault the woman was pulled down from the bed so that she struck her face to the floor. She thought she would die. The perpetrators, whom the woman perceived as foreign men in their 20s, also violently pulled the rings from her fingers.

While the men were in the house, the 87-year-old managed to call her daughter who lives nearby, but by the time her daughter arrived, they had left. The woman said that she no longer dares to sleep alone in the house without her daughter.


Two of the four perpetrators, who could be identified by monitoring images from the subway, have completely avoided prosecution because they claim to be 15. The other two were sentenced today for aggravated robbery. The one Arab Muslim, 21, was sentenced in late December 2014 for the rape and larceny under another name.

Now he is sentenced to five years in prison for aggravated robbery and also for aggravated theft against the woman on the subway station. The 21-year-old rapist is cohabiting with an ethnically Swedish woman who is also pregnant with his child. Despite this, he is sentenced to deportation.

The other perpetrator claims to be 17 years old, however, gets off with a slap on the wrist – sentenced to youth custody for a year and four months, and possible expulsion.

Muslim migrants in Sweden claiming to be “children:”