How many Muslims would Hillary Clinton flood America with during her first term?

By BI: Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton’s “radical” immigration position which would increase the number of Syrian Muslim migrants by 500%!


Breitbart  Last year,  Obama directed his administration to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the course of this fiscal year…(but has since raised it to 100,000). However, Clinton said that Obama’s plan did not go nearly far enough— Clinton called for a 500% increase to Obama’s refugee resettlement operation.

This does not even include the larger permanent resettlement program that occurs through green cards, bringing total annual migration from the Muslim world to 182,000 a year under Clinton’s proposal— of which roughly 140,000 would be from the Middle East specifically, according to DHS data.

Polling data shows that Americans oppose Clinton’s refugee resettlement plan by a margin so striking that it would seem to confirm an earlier declaration from Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Jeff Sessions that “Hillary Clinton has embraced a radical and extreme open borders agenda that, properly exposed, will make her un-electable.”

To provide a more detailed breakdown of the numbers involved in Clinton’s proposal, here is approximately the Islamic migration that would occur in her first term under the minimum numbers she has put forward thus far:


– 374,000 Muslim refugees/asylees from the Middle East during her first term, based on DHS data.

– 420,000 Muslim refugees/asylees from the Muslim world during her first term.

– 560,000 permanent Muslim migrants from the Middle East during her first term.

– 730,000 permanent Muslim migrants from the Muslim world during her first term.

These figures do not include the total number of temporary migrants such as foreign workers and foreign students. If you include temporary migrants, the total number of Muslim migrants coming across the border for one reason or another during Clinton’s first term would be somewhere closer to 1.4 million.

Trump also pointed out that Hillary’s “reckless and dangerous” impulses on foreign policy have contributed to the instability of the regions from where she now wants to admit the displaced migrants. Trump writes: “Crooked Hillary Clintons foreign interventions unleashed ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Libya. She is reckless and dangerous!”