THANKS OBAMA! No safe space for women anymore as Muslim perv uses women’s bathroom at Dulles Airport

By BI: On May 25th, an AAN source reports that a Muslim supremacist (obviously not a transgender) using the women’s bathroom in the Dulles Airport in the Washington DC area, was told by women in the bathroom that he was not welcome, comments which he condescendingly brushed aside.


American Action News After all, why would he bother about “inferior” women’s feelings? This picture of him (above) was taken as he exited the bathroom, still buckling up his pants.

The man later met up with 3 Muslim women in full-face covering black niqabs, possibly his wives. This phenomenon will only get more common with the Obama’s administration obsession with letting anyone choose whatever bathroom is convenient to them, and with unrestricted immigration from third world Muslim countries that view women as inferior beings.