“In all the years I’ve been reading here I’ve never commented until now. I and my spouse live in Japan. We are Christians. I’m non-Japanese, spouse is Japanese. I could say a lot of things but I’ll just say this- the article is overboard on speculation. Yes- the historical facts are true but what is predicted for the future is – well, let’s just say – don’t hold your breath. Articles like this should not be taken too seriously. We live here- we know. That’s all I’ll say.”

Our Response: “We are Christians” is meaningless. I can find gay supporters who comment much on my blog who say “we are Christians” as this gives any validity for the argument. I can also find thousands of such comments as you made … “I live there …” People who live in the evil country were always in denial. Look at the Jews in Germany … millions were in denial until it was too late and they realized in the camps that they were wrong. I am for China and against evil Japan as the evidence clearly shows. Strange you never refuted the issues in detail. Japan (as you even stated, the history is accurate), has always been evil, ruthless, war mongers, power hungry and loves massacres. And you as a “Christian” is no different from the Jew in Germany who found out when it was too late. Germany prior to the Holocaust was also like Japan, civil, modern, etc etc but foresight is more important than sitting like a frog in the kettle while slowly boiling. Now you can take the ‘Christian’ to the truth, but you cannot force him to drink, because he already drank from the flattery of the Japanese.