Communists Attack Christian Seminary Students, Brutally Beat Them And Force Them To Be Stripped Absolutely Naked

By Theodore Shoebat

Communists in Venezuela brutally beat four seminary students and forced them to strip naked. Carlos Garcia Odon, the mayor of Merida, where the attack took place, made a statement that the attack on the four seminarians indicates “the level of hatred of the government for the Church and our Venezuelan youth” and that it is reminiscent of “Nazi Germany”. Here are photos of the boys in their affliction and humiliation:

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The four students were on their way to a Catholic university when the a mob of communists attacked them, beat them and completely denuded them. The journalists who witnessed the attack stated that it was a pro-government aggregate that persecuted these helpless students. This mob violence, and to use the words of the mayor, “repudiated by all citizens and that undermine the dignity of the human being, reflects the level of hatred and contempt that this government feels for the Church and our Venezuelan youth.” “Scenes like those we saw reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany where such actions are also executed,” he adds.

The violence taking place in Venezuela, in the midst of its economic crises, is some of the worst in the whole world. Caracas, the nation’s capital, has now been ranked as the most violent city on earth. It looks like civil war is going to break in Latin America between communists and Catholics. Such wars have happened many times in Latin America. In the Cristiada War in Mexico, which lasted from 1926 to 1929 and from 1935 to 1937, Catholics fought against their anticlerical oppressors in battles that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Now Mexico is in a situation where the government has become a narco state or a “narco gobierno”, in which narco forces, funded by politicians and elites, are slaughtering the civilian population. It is no longer the Latin America of your grandmother’s time. The world has changed, its seems, overnight. I should not say change though, rather it is more of a resuming of violent struggles arising from hatred that have been existing in Latin America for quite some time now. The Mexican Revolution of 1910 was conducted by anticlerical forces, and it led to Mexico being under the control of Freemason elites who wanted to destroy the Catholic Church. Now we are seeing the fruition of their rotten cultivation, a digging in into the souls of the masses and filling them with the most pestilential spiritual diseases.

It seems that the people of Latin America have forgotten their religion. The disease of insouciance by which the person becomes so infirm in the soul that he is careless about the heaps of flames that have burned down his culture, inundates the people. They have overthrown the icons of Christ and replaced them with portraits of Che Guevara. Although it is  said that Che was an atheist, when one looks to his writings they are very religious in their tone, their fanaticism, and in their vocabulary. For example, in Che’s essay, Socialism and Man In Cuba, he affirmed that one could not reach the full “human condition” until he completely stripped himself of all capitalistic proclivities. He described this transformation as a form of spiritual evolution:

We are doing everything possible to give work this new status as a social duty and to link it on the one hand with the development of technology, which will create the conditions for greater freedom, and on the other hand with voluntary work based on the Marxist appreciation that one truly reaches a full human condition when no longer compelled to produce by the physical necessity to sell oneself as a commodity. Of course, there are still coercive aspects to work, even when it is voluntary. We have not transformed all the coercion that surrounds us into conditioned reflexes of a social character and, in many cases, is still produced under the pressures of one’s environment. (Fidel calls this moral compulsion.) There is still a need to undergo a complete spiritual rebirth in one’s attitude toward one’s own work, freed from the direct pressure of the social environment, though linked to it by new habits. That will be communism. The change in consciousness does not take place automatically, just as change in the economy does not take place automatically. The alterations are slow and not rhythmic; there are periods of acceleration, periods that are slower, and even retrogressions.

This religion of Che Guevara is the ideology of the very peoples trying to destroy the Catholic Church in Latin America today. Be it the narco government in Mexico or the communists in other South American countries. There was a horrific war that took place in Columbia, in which Catholics and atheists fought one another. Its called La Violencia, and it lasted from 1948 to 1966. It is estimated that between 200,000 to 400,000 people died in this extremely sanguinary conflict, and one million people were displaced. The civil war sparked after a politician for the Liberal Party, Jorge Eliecer Gaita, who was running for president, was assassinated. The communists used the assassination to make pogroms against Catholics, and Catholics became open season in rural Columbia.  Communists began to loot the stores and shops that were owned by the government’s oligarchy with the hopes that it would force the state to fall. A three riot occurred that devastated the city of Bogota.

Political instability erupted from 1946 to 1948, with the conservatives winning the elections and taking power in the country. At around 1953, Catholic and communist guerrilla groups formed from the Llano to Tolima and bloodshed ensued, especially in the rural areas. The massacres were so gruesome that killing became creative, precise, and a pleasure to sadistic minds. Communist radicals came up with various ways to slaughter their victims. One of them was called picar para tamal, in which the victim was cut to pieces while still alive. One writing describes some of the different ways of sadistic slaughterings in Columbia:

During La Violencia, cuts were elaborate, inventive, even artistic. There was the Colombian necktie (corte de corbata), when the killer cut a deep groove under the jawline of the victim and pull the tongue muscle down and through it, so that it lay like a necktie on the chest.

In the flannel cut (corte de franela), the killer severed the muscles that keep the head forward, thus allowing the head to fall backward over the spine at a ninety-degree angle, like a sailor’s square collar.

In the flower vase cut (corte de florero), the killer dismembered the victim and inserted the head and limbs into the trunk or the neck of the body, arranged like flowers in a vase.

The monkey cut (corte de mico) took its name from a killer who decapitated the pet monkey of the victim and left the head in the man’s lap. This cut was reproduced by killers who would decapitate their victims and place the victim’s head on the chest of the body.

In the French cut (corte francés), the killer would peel back the skin on the head while the victim lived, exposing the skull. Occasionally, the killers would leave bodies arranged in a mise-en-scène, sitting as if waiting for the next truck along a road, their heads like overnight bags in their laps.

Victims in La Violencia were not only hanged, but also even crucified. The struggle from which this cruelty sprung still exists in Latin America, and it looks like, from all of the violence that is happening, civil war will erupt in Latin America. The persecution of these four seminarians is an image and microcosm of the sufferings of the saints and the sufferings of Christ. These students were stripped, scourged and humiliated; Ham laughed at his father when he was naked, suffering under the fruit of the vine; and Christ, passing by the wine cup of His suffering, was stripped, scourged and humiliated. Soon Christian Latin America will have to carry its own cross and endure its retribution, and enter its redemption.