Happy 4th Of July America: Muslim Terrorists Chose To Blow Up The Holiest Place In Islam To Celebrate The End Of Ramadan. Just Keep In Mind The Bible Predicted That Islam’s Holiest Places Will Be Destroyed By Muslims And The World Will Finally Be At Rest


It was the perfect time for ISIS to hit Islam’s holiest place when security forces were gorging during Ramadan. Happy 4th of July America. Here are some great fireworks from Islam’s holiest place about few meters away from where the prophet of Islam was burried:

A billion Muslims around the world during Ramadan’s fasting month await the countdown and when the cannon fire sounds, the gorging begins. The sound of the cannon is what initiates the Aftar (breaking the fast) during Ramadan, that is when Muslims instantly begin gorging as soon as the cannon fires:

In Saudi Arabia, as explosions by ISIS suicide bombers rocked the kingdom around that time, instead of paying attention, they simply gorged or continued their prayers at the holiest mosque in Islam (Muhammad’s burial shrine) thinking it was simply the sound of “chow time”.

Another suicide bomber was killed and two people were injured in an explosion near the US consulate in Jeddah at dawn, however this farewell for holy month of Ramadan (Trauma-Dawn), once more revealed the treachery of Islamic terrorism even against its own people and religion.

There were also several explosions that blasted a mosque in Qatif where body parts were reported flying around. But it was the last suicide bombing which exploded meters away from the carcass of Prophet Muhammad himself in Medina that upset a billion Muslims. One Muslim tweets “Even the prophet himself is not safe from them”: